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Hey, my name is Katie!

I started my health and fitness journey 3 years ago after suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety. After speaking with a doctor, I decided to make some lifestyle changes. The first two years of that journey I had a lot of hurdles to overcome. With a lot of trial and error, trying every diet known to man, I finally came across Beachbody.

I have lost over 60 pounds since I committed to myself 100%, and I want to encourage you to make yourself a priority, not just so you can lose weight, but so you can feel your absolute best and meet whatever goal you are trying to reach. 

In my online community, you will have access to all of the tools and resources I have used to keep the weight off I worked hard to lose, all while enjoying myself every single day.


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You get so much more, including access to another nutrition plan that is focused on portion control and more of a macro/measuring lifestyle.

You get to choose what works best for you!



The reason I know I was able to stay committed long term, lose 60 pounds and keep it off, was because I was doing this alongside other likeminded women. 

Having a community to share the ins and outs of life with, support, and all the other things that come along with it, were a game changer. 

That is why I created a community of my own where I get to provide you with the same tools, and a safe place to share.

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