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Just How Simple is Simplified Nutrition Online to Use?


Created For, and With, the Dining Services Industry

Simplified Nutrition Online is not like most software companies that build software by speaking only to executives and management (Top Down).  Simplified Nutrition Online is created and intuitive for the intended user. We specifically built and designed SNO based on the requests of users like you (Bottom Up)—the Registered Dietitian and Certified Dietary Manager. We had you in mind when we planned menu cycles, created auto-generated Order Guides, and foodservice operations reports whether it involves determining minimum vendor pack sizes, compiling resident diet list, or scaling recipes for meal production; it’s as if you sat down with a software developer and hand-picked every process you wanted 


SNO Works Anywhere—at your Desk or on the Go!

SNO was the first dietary management software to provide Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Because of this, SNO works on any hardware platform, regardless of operating system, and using any web browser.

Being in the Cloud means SNO is accessible from any internet connected devise. Weather using a tablet, cell phone, table-side taking meal orders or taking inventory. SNO can go anywhere you go.


Training as Easy as 1 -2 -3

SNO’s customer onboarding team are experts at training and supporting new customers all the way through the onboarding process and beyond. Most customers can go-live after as few as 3 web-based, one-hour training sessions. SNO’s customers have the advantage of free unlimited training which includes pre-recorded sessions, our User’s Manual, and product specific Quick Reference Guides. At Simplified Nutrition Online, we call it “simple” for a reason!


Customer Support that is There when You Need It

SNO support is available by phone or email 24/7 and 365 days of the year. You can reach live support during our standard business house with after-hours call-back support 365 days or you can email SNO for technical support, menu support or training requests. Calls are answered by industry professionals such as Dietary Managers, Registered Dietitians or software technicians. Our excellence in customer support and services is one of the reasons why SNO has such high customer satisfaction and customer retention rates.

Simplified Nutrition Online pledges to keep it simple, keep you working, and keep you on point and in budget. We’ll do all this with you in mind because we are here to serve you.


The reason we're called Simplified Nutrition Online is because we start and finish by keeping things simple!

Contact Dr. Coreyann Poly today at 888-773-5521 x 1016

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