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When one hears the phrase “project management”, it conjures up a lot of interesting thoughts. For Acuity, it is the bedrock of how our company approaches all our business with our state and local government customers. This core concept of project management is germane to product fulfillment, IT consulting and IT services. This is what we believe separates us from our competitors. If we project manage all of our business offerings, we know that project will end in success even when unanticipated things happen.


Acuity has a substantial portfolio of IT consulting/IT services projects. We have completed many projects for the State of California at departments such as the DMV, CalSTRS, DHCS, EDD, HCD, ARB and CPUC. All of the projects have or had a different kind of technology focus. Some are software development, some involve network infrastructure and one was a statewide assessment of our customer’s technology. Our principal project manager, and now CEO of Acuity, has placed over 230 consultants on state projects on projects both big and small. Darrell recognizes the importance of project management activities and tools that lead to successful project completion.


What we see now is a plethora of new project management and operational efficiency tools entering the IT project oriented space and they are very much needed, both in the government space and the corporate world. Statistics tell us that most IT consulting, IT integration or modernization projects either fail, suffer budget issues or have to be curtailed in scope because there is something incomplete or wrong with the approach being used. Many times, the projects are initiated without having covered all the aspects of what might be needed or encountered during the project. This leads to surprises, usually negative ones, that can cause a project to fail or get completed but without the full expectations that was originally hoped for when the project was scoped. Other projects get underway and encounter issues with the development or some other aspect which puts the project into peril. The good news is that new project management and operational efficiency technologies and tools can help government entities have a much higher chance of project success and can even put wayward, failing projects back on track.


To this end, Acuity has recently chosen to make these kinds of software tools a core competency that we can offer to our customers. We seek to be a successful purveyor of software tools and technologies from manufacturers that will give our government customers the ability to plan projects better and put troubled projects back on track.


Here are some of our key solutions in the project management/operational efficiency:


Crow Canyon’s Nitro Studio which provide automation for your current Microsoft 365 solutions. Crow Canyon’s solution can be customized and transformed to fit your department’s needs

M Corp’s RemScore which provides projects with an assessment of a project’s weaknesses and risks

Simpligov’s forms and Simplisign solution. Form creation that is curated for government use

Gitlab’s DevSecOps platform that combines all 10 of the software development life cycle into one solution—ultimately enhancing communication across departments

Ecivis’s grant management solution


A complete list of our core partners can be found on our website—

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