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Rethink sustainable manufacturing at Suppliers' Day 2023

To help manufacturers achieve their ambitious sustainability goals and reduce their operational complexity, Vantage Personal Care will introduce the new Jeesperse® NoLo range at NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2023.

Emulsification re-invented

Jeesperse® NoLo N1 and Jeesperse® NoLo C2 are self-emulsifying bases for hair care applications designed to require no or low energy. Jeesperse® NoLo bases open new possibilities for sustainable, cold- and low-energy processes for manufacturers, as well as new DIY options for consumers.

We have optimized the composition of Jeesperse® NoLo powders to ensure quick wetting and hydration, easy dispersion, and enable creation of stable emulsions, even when using low shear mixing equipment or following room-temperature processes. 

Simpler and low-carbon manufacturing

When working with Jeesperse® NoLo powders, manufacturers can simplify logistics, reduce equipment and labor complexity, develop more sustainable manufacturing procedures, and easily customize water-free formulations.

Take back your time!

The benefits of Jeesperse® NoLo can be easily evaluated by timing the manufacturing process for two identical formulations, one using each individual raw material separately and the other taking advantage of Jeesperse® NoLo C2. Formulators can cut their formulating time by six. What else will you achieve with your extra time?

Jeesperse NoLo self-emulsifying bases reduce your formulation time

One ingredient, infinite possibilities

Jeesperse® NoLo self-emulsifying bases can be used at different concentrations to adjust the viscosity of the final formulation with no negative impact on stability. This single ingredient allows formulators to quickly develop a variety of diverse formulation chassis with distinct sensory attributes.

Leave-in Conditioning Serum

Use it again and again. The ultra-light serum is applied in one spray and quickly absorbs into your hair to let you go about your day with the confidence you need.

Daily Conditioning Lotion

An elegant moisturizing conditioning lotion that is easily applied and absorbed by hair for an easy daily routine.

Double Butter Hair Mask

The satisfying melting sensation is a nice way to start your weekly night hair treatment.

Discover more solutions for sustainable manufacturing

In addition to the launch of Jeesperse® NoLo bases, Vantage Personal Care™ will also highlight formulations and ingredients that allow formulators to address key market and technical challenges in the beauty and personal care industry: silicone-free, plastic-free, sulfate-free, solid & waterless formulations, upcycled and traceable ingredients, fermentation & microbiome and sustainable manufacturing processes.


Key ingredient highlights:

Jeechem® NDA-5 (INCI: C15-19 Alkane) - Excellent naturally-derived cyclopentasiloxane and cyclotetrasiloxane replacement, closely matching most key aesthetic and performance properties of volatile silicones.


Liponate™ Jojoba 20 - An oil-free emollient that transforms the sensorial profile of formulations to add softness, spreadability, and a subtle thickness that provides a delightful melting sensation upon application. More than just an emollient, this multi-functional ingredient, has been substantiated to help protect sensitive skin and damaged hair. When tested on damaged skin, Liponate™ Jojoba 20 restored hydration levels in only 4 hours!


Jojoba Esters–70 - High melting point jojoba-derived emollient that addresses the need for vegan formulations with a high level of traceability and naturality. Jojoba Esters–70 is used in balms and sticks as a vegan alternative to beeswax or synthetic waxes.


Adaptogen FermBiotic™- FermBiotic™ series is a platform of microbiome-supporting fermented complexes derived from extracts and microorganisms. Adaptogen FermBiotic™ S. has shown superior ability to increase Type I Collagen expression in fibroblasts based on in-vitro cell studies.


StrataPhix™ AOS – A naturally-derived technology that reduces skin damage caused by environmental stress factors (blue light, UV rays, etc.). These stressors may be responsible for increased skin sensitivity, inducing accelerated skin aging. StrataPhix™ AOS is a powerful antioxidant complex composed of four oily extracts 100% of natural origin (ISO 16128 standard). Its optimized composition inhibits the expression of Caspase-1, a key protein responsible for starting the cellular inflammation process (In vitro and Ex vivo tests), thus reducing skin sensitivity.


BP – Triluronic™ Acid - BP–Triluronic™ Acid is produced through fermentation and then by carefully cleaving high molecular weight hyaluronic acid into smaller fractions at three different molecular weights specifically tailored to optimize. This ingredient is anhydrous, enabling incorporation into lipsticks and other anhydrous formulations.


Upcycled and sustainable natural oils: Grape Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Rosehip oil

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