Lent & Easter 2021 Resource List

APCE Resources

Click here to access a plethora of resources and ideas from APCE.


Lenten Share Forum: Spark Your Creativity

The Presbytery recently sponsored a webinar featuring panelists Kristi Harter Button(FUPC), Kade Curry(1st Springdale), Jen Kirby Evans(2nd LR), and Jocelyn Wildhack(Ferncliff) as they share creative ideas for helping pastors, educators and other worship and program leaders plan for Lent 2021. They shared ideas that can be adapted for all size churches and used in virtual, indoor, and outdoor settings.  

Click here to watch on-demand.

Links to Resources: Butterfly Larve, God's Family Tree & Know Chocolate For Lent (Phyllis Vos Wezeman and Anna L. Liechty), Make Room: A Child's Guide to Lent and Easter (Laura Alary), Lent in Plain Sight (Jill J Duffeld).

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Planning For Holy Week

This Amplipy Media free webinar is hightly recommended to explore Planning for Holy Week: Keeping Rituals and Connecting Community. Join a great cast of panelists as they discuss redemption and resurrection. We celebrate both during Holy Week, and this year’s services – after a year of living with a global pandemic and deep cultural divides – provide an opportunity to connect your faith communities with both spiritual traditions and each other.

Click here to read more and watch.


The Way to Shalom

Presbyterians Today are offering Lenten devotions every week from Ash Wednesday (February 17) through Easter (April 4), this year’s devotional focuses on shalom — and what it can mean in our lives and how we can bring it to the world. They explore themes of justice, peace, healing, hope, repairing and reconciliation. You’ll find Scripture readings along with meditations and prayers written by the director and staff of the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness in Washington: the Rev. Jimmie Hawkins, Catherine Gordon and Christian Brooks.

The Way to Shalom is available online and free for download or printing when you click here. You’re invited to use it, share it, excerpt from it and make it your spiritual companion this Lent.


Lenten Devotion Booklet

Tasha and Phil Blackburn, co-pastors at First Fort Smith created a Lenten Devotion Booklet in which they employ various spiritual practices which have served to shape, deepen and even reboot their faith. They created this for their congregants, but have shared it in the publisher format for other churches to use as well. The only church specific things that will be need to edited are the third paragraph on the intro page and the logo on the back. They share scripture readings and reflections for each day as well as well as share about the spiritual practices of Giving, Fasting, and Prayer.

This landing page format does not allow sharing a publisher file. If you would like to have the file, email Julie Price at julietannerprice@gmail.com and I will send it to you.

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PRC - Practical Resources for Churches

Click Here to see all of the recorded Lent & Easter webinars from PRC.

Helpful resources from their "Office Hours" webinar: Faithful Celebrations: Making Time for God from Mardi Gras through Pentecost, (Pearson), Messy Easter: Three Complete Sessions and a Treasure Trove of Ideas for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter (Ledbetter), Prayer Pretzels, Essential Lent: Holy Moments and Sacred Experiences for Your Whole Congregation (Johnnsohn), Labyrnth Resource, Guided Meditations for Children (Reehorst), Lent-in-a-Bag.

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The Ferncliff Easter-in-a-Basket will provide a week-long experience from Palm Sunday through Holy Week to Easter, diving into the stories that prepare us for Easter. Easter-in-a-Basket will hold 8 mini lessons, one for each day from Palm Sunday to Easter. These Holy Week activities will be low stress for busy folks, encourage family and community connection, and help you prepare for Easter! Click Here to learn more.


Lament at Lent, A Study

The 2020–2021 Presbyterian Women/ Horizons Bible study, Into the Light: Finding Hope Through Prayers of Lament , by P. Lynn Miller, can be used as a timely Lenten Bible study for any group, or the basis for a sermon series that helps listeners understand that lament is a faithful response to the difficult situations of our world.

Preview the introduction and lesson one of Into the Light.

See the list of available editions, additional resources, free downloads and web extras 

Order from the PW Shop (www.presbyterianwomen.org/shop) or call 800/533-4371 (Monday–Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST).

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Lenten devotions from Presbyterian Outlook

Throughout the season of Lent, you will be invited to pray with one passage from Scripture each day and prompted to reflect on what it discloses to you about movement toward God and movement away from God in your life. These devotions written by Roger Gench, Presbyterian pastor and author, will guide you in this daily practice of praying with Scripture. Cost: $20 per church.

Click here to read more and purchase.


Again & Again: A Lenten Refrain

Creative Resources for Lent, Holy Week, & Easter | Year B from Sanctified Art. Released for 2021, this bundle of 10 resources features a devotional booklet, daily devotional cards, Ash Wednesday & Stations of the Cross liturgies, a Lenten Prayer Wall art project, words for worship, sermon guide, poetry, visual art, branding, and more! Click here to learn more.

PRC is hosting a webinar by the founder of Sanctified Art, Lisle Gwynn Garrity (she/her/hers) is a Pastorist (pastor + artist), retreat leader, and creative entrepreneur seeking to fill the church with more color, paint, mystery, and creativity. In the midst of a rapidly reforming church landscape, she is convinced that new models for ministry are emerging all over the place, we just have to be willing to discover and pursue them. All PRC webinars are recorded, just register and you will receive access to the recording. Click here to register.

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Worship Design Studio

Dr. Marcia McFee and Worship Design Studio has created Holy Vessels: A Lenten Season Of Recovery for the 2021 Lenten season. Click here to learn all about what they have created as you watch their Get-Ready webinar.

You can also read there about their 50% off "hardship rebate" on materials purchased.

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