October 2020

Poverty could happen to anyone.

In reality, we are all, just one wrong turn, one life change, or one misfortune away from needing help.

Take some time this month to think about poverty and how we can all work together

to eliminate it from our community. Invite a friend to have an open and honest conversation

about local poverty and help to build awareness of the reality of poverty in our community.

Together we can work proactively to reduce and eliminate poverty

and build a stronger, healthier and more connected community for all.

Us & Them Documentary Screening (Virtual)

Virtual Viewing Window: Saturday, October 17 through Tuesday, October 20

Directed by Krista Loughton and Jennifer Abbott, US & THEM shatters misconceptions about why people end up on the streets, and reveals why the "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" narrative is heavily flawed.

While filmed around downtown Victoria BC, the film could take place in any Canadian town.

Through her compassionate style of documentary filmmaking, Krista Loughton lends a familiarity to all that she interviews. Krista's subjects aren't "just homeless." They are not faceless apparitions wandering the streets. These people are the friends and family that we all know in our communities, who need our support.


Coffee with Krista (Virtual)

Tuesday, October 20 at 2:30PM

Meet the filmmker, hear her thoughts and ask your questions about the film and have an open conversation about poverty with your community.

Krista wants “people to watch the film and never look at a street person, or themselves, in the same way again.”

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Stony Plain FCSS and Spruce Grove Social Planning are excited to bring the ARDN Housing and Service Needs Assessment Survey to our TriRegion again this fall!

Community partners will be assisting with survey collection from October 1-31, 2020.

In 2018, our community completed our first Housing and Service survey and established a baseline for data in our community. Read the 2018 Survey Results and the 2018 Survey Summary.

This year we hope to continue to gain knowledge of the housing and service needs within our Tri-Region.

Learn more about the 2020 TriRegion Housing and Service Needs Survey here...

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Introducing the Regional Champions Table

The Champions Table was formed in 2019 as part of the Tri-Regional Poverty and Homelessness change initiative. The Table is a group of citizens and community organizations that act as a core groups of champions to foster and initiate coordinated homelessness and poverty reduction strategies, projects, and initiatives within the Tri-Municipal Region.

For more information contact one of the co-chairs: Erin Rutherford, Manager, Social Planning, City of Spruce Grove or Sheri Ratsoy, Executive Director, Parkland Food Bank.

Gain Momentum with your Money Series

Date: Thursdays in October

Time: 12-1PM

Location: ZOOM link to be provided

Register: TriCala 780-591-3355

Cost: FREE

Strengthen your financial knowledge by learning about assets, banking, budgeting, consumerism and credit. Sign up for one or all and start to gain momentum with your money.

October 1 - Assets

October 8 - Banking

October 15 - Budgeting

October 22 - Consumerism

October 29 - Credit

Facilitated by Tri-Cala

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Building a healthy, strong and connected community.