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Celebrate Community - 2021

Celebrate Community, a joint initiative of the four major volunteer service organizations, will launch this year with a focus on local community service during the week of October 10-16, 2021.

For this first “Celebrate Community” initiative, we’re keeping things simple with a menu of recommended projects (see below) which can be conducted at little or no cost, and lend themselves to partnering with other organizations in the community – yet can make a significant difference to those served.

We encourage you to organize a project that fits the needs of your community and the interests and talents of your members. Consider teaming up with other service clubs to magnify your impact. Imagine having our volunteers working together as we Celebrate Community through service!

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  • Sign-up for alerts and mark your calendars.
  • Environmental: community clean-up (parks, trails, schools), tree planting
  • Food Insecurity: collect food for local pantries, package meals for donation, community garden
  • Health & Wellness: support local hospitals or Ronald McDonald House; organize or participate in walks or runs for health causes (cancer, JDRF, autism, etc.)
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Connect with other Clubs in your Community.

We encourage all of our local Clubs to conduct service projects in this timeframe; better yet, reach out to your peer service Clubs and work together to make an even bigger and more visible impact! This does not mean you are required to work with another Club or Organization in your community. You can still Celebrate Community as a stand-alone Club in your community.

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We’ll be providing some helpful resources to assist you in planning and sharing your “Celebrate Community” projects – like a Facebook page and links to “Club finders” for our peer organizations to assist in teaming. If you’re already working on joint projects with other service clubs, please continue!

As we conclude our 2021 community projects, we’ll be seeking some simple information to understand the projects conducted around the world, the teamwork between our groups, and the impact on our communities.  We’re excited to see what we can accomplish together!

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