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Based on a study from Dynatrace:

27% of respondents working in the public sector admit they are often under so much pressure to meet the demand for faster innovation they must sacrifice code quality

99% of DevOps leaders in the public sector say extending DevOps to more applications is key for digital transformation and customer experience

42% of applications in the public sector will be fully DevOps enabled by 2023

In order to meet demand for faster innovation by constituents, solutions that enhance the DevOps life cycle (using auomation and AI) are critical. Hence, the Dynatrace intelligent observability platform.

Dynatrace is a software-intelligence monitoring platform that reduces the complexity of enterprise cloud environments and speeds up digital transformation. Dynatrace provides information about your app performance, their infrastructure, and your end user’s experience using AI and automation. Dynatrace can completely automate your enterprise cloud operations, and create software faster.


Real User monitoring

Mobile app monitoring

Server-side service monitoring

Network, process, and host monitoring

Cloud and virtual machine monitoring

Container monitoring

Root-cause analysis

What Can You Do With Dynatrace?

Infrastructure Monitoring.

Dynatrace delivers simple and automated infrastructure monitoring that provides broad visibility across your hosts, VMs, containers, network, events, and logs. Dynatrace continuously auto-discovers your dynamic environment and pulls infrastructure metrics into their Davis® AI engine, so you can consolidate tools and cut MTTI.

Applications and Microservices.

Dynatrace provides automated, code-level visibility and root-cause answers for applications that span complex enterprise cloud environments.

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM).

Dynatrace DEM provides Real User Monitoring (RUM) for every one of your customer's journeys, synthetic monitoring across a global network, and 4K movie-like Session Replay.How is Dynatrace Different From Other Cloud Monitoring Solutions?

How does Dynatrace compare to other monitoring tools?:

  • Dynatrace is automated from deployment to instrumentation, discovery, dependency mapping, baselining, problem identification, and root-cause. All that is required is the installation of a single agent.

  • While other solutions monitor and report on numerous metrics, Dynatrace provides context. This includes understanding and mapping all the relationships and interdependencies, top to bottom, from end-user experience all the way down to the infrastructure.

  • Dynatrace uses AI or AIOps. While some solutions have machine learning, Dynatrace uses Davis AI engine to process billions of dependencies in milliseconds.

The term AIOps, first coined by Gartner, refers to the practice of using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and enhance IT operations. Practically, this means ingesting data from every layer of the stack and continuously analyzing it with AI techniques to identify issues, reveal answers, and automate remediation.


Dynatrace continuously auto-discovers your changing environment in real-time. The AI engine, known as Davis, detects entity relationships at start-up with zero manual configuration. Even containerized processes running microservices in dynamic Kubernetes environments are mapped automatically.


Davis continuously evaluates billions of dependencies in milliseconds, automatically identifies problems, and performs automated root cause analysis that accurately identifies all issues related to a single root cause. Unlike traditional machine learning approaches, there is no guessing or time-consuming model training. With the root cause identified, you can fix problems before they impact customer experience, and have more time to innovate.

  • Dynatrace is scalable and cloud native

For more information about Dynatrace and their State of California procurement vehicles, reach out to our sales team at [email protected]