The opportunity for education leaders

Includes diverse participants, enhance your curricula, save money, and open doors for your students

Coaches and administrators like you can ride this wave of popularity

Abandon stereotypes

Gamers aren't social outcasts in need of direction. They're artists, athletes, debaters, and straight-A high achievers. They're your student body, straddling every blurring boundary of gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic origin.

Enhance your Curricula

Esports influences and draws from a diversity of academic subjects, including broadcasting, marketing, event planning, network support, game coding, media production, and more.

Open Doors for students

Colleges offer esports scholarships and majors. Employers look for candidates who can demonstrate success in connecting them with younger audiences.

Start easy, save money

Getting started can be as easy as six secure manageable commercial-grade gaming HP workstations in a multi-use small lab. Compare esports to traditional sports and tally up the cost of equipment, insurance, and travel (not necessary with esports) and the economic benefits materialize.

Support passionate, diverse, and inclusive student communities, and give your student-athletes a competitive edge.

Learn how you can provide academic classes and real-world project-based learning on a topic proven to motivate these students.

Propelling the Growth of the Sport

Continuing a 15-year history, Intel and HP are setting the pace as the technology leader in gaming and esports experiences — delivering world-class technology that pushes the boundaries of performance and supporting a growing ecosystem of key leagues, brands, and publishers.

Powerland in partnership with INTEL and HP can offer consultations to ensure your students hit the ground running. We've got you covered to launch a successful esports program, with advice on…

Network Setup

and so much more...

When you purchase HP Workstations powered by INTEL and NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics, we can tailor a package to suit your budget with premium G-SYNC™ displays, pro-quality accessories, affordable gaming keyboards and mice, and more.

Together Powerland HP and INTEL are here for all your Esports gaming needs.


Whether they’re playing in the dorm or pursuing their dreams to become an esports superstar, HP is dedicated to providing the best hardware and experiences to passionate gamers everywhere.