Frequently Asked Questions

What size and type of properties does IMP manage?

IMP operates market rate multifamily properties that range from 75-200+ units in size. These properties are B & C+asset types. In addition to market rate properties, we have experience with Housing Assistance Programs and large lease ups due to new development and/or distressed assets.

NOTE: We do have the technology platform to operate smaller properties (less than 75 units) on a location by location basis. Contact us for details.

What are the rates of your services?

Contact us for details. This will depend on the size of the property and the type of asset. (value-add, core or core-plus, distressed or new development lease ups, etc.)

For example: A stabilized core asset will be priced significantly different than a full lease up asset.

Does IMP provide management for properties outside of Georgia?

Yes, for properties that we have ownership interest in. However for third-party management services we are currently only licensed in Georgia, which means we can only third-party manage in the state of Georgia or in states that do not require a company to be licensed to offer third party management.  Contact us for details.

Who will manage the onsite day-to-day operations of the property? 

Each property receives a dedicated onsite staff team for the day-to-day operations; including both the leasing team and maintenance team (the number of onsite team members depends on the size of the property). Our company hires and screens these professionals and takes on the responsibility for our onsite team members. Our Director of Operations oversees the onsite team members, ensures KPI performance, monitors accounting and reporting needs, as well as, ensures compliance with local laws at each property. Our Director's are given a reasonably sized portfolio to maintain a high quality of service at each location at all times.

Why Intuitive Management Partners?

We have spent years growing our knowledge and credibility in the Multifamily Investment Management business and continue to develop our skills and expertise through industry leading organizations. By doing so, we will be able to identify the needs of the property and execute on the business plan. We have a business model that has an alignment of interest with our partners and we value quality over quantity.  

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