Leading With Intention

Create conditions where children and educators thrive.

Deepen your connections with students, staff, and your larger community.

Reconnect with what brought you to education.

Behind every thriving school or district are deeply interconnected teams that consistently engage in a reciprocal transfer of learning.

Leading With Intention aims to make this process visible by helping leaders and teachers understand how their thinking impacts their decision-making and the overall well-being of their learning communities. Through five highly practical chapters, authors DeWitt and Nelson explore self-awareness, nurturing human interconnectedness, collective inquiry, establishing a learning network, and crafting a personal learning environment. 

Filled with research, stories, and places to process information, this timely book is focused on how educators think, the choices they make, and how they develop deeper academic and social-emotional connections. Other features include: 

  • Success criteria to help readers identify personal goals
  • Suggested activities to apply knowledge
  • Reflection sheets with guiding questions
  • In-depth examples to illustrate content 

School-leaders will come away with a deeper understanding of the importance of self-awareness in leadership and the pedagogical knowledge required to focus initiatives on student learning.

Leading with Intention helps education leaders go from being merely ‘on task’ to deeply engaged and reconnected with why they entered the education profession in the first place.