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Transform Your Airbnb Hosting with Tailored Membership Plans Designed for Success

Facing challenges with your Airbnb bookings?

Whether you are just starting out or looking to elevate your listings, Welcoming Wow offers structured membership plans to enhance every aspect of your hosting experience! Discover the right plan for your hosting stage and goals!

“I’ve tried lowering my rates”

“I’ve been posting on Social Media”

“My property is on ALL the listing sites and I still have dates available”

Have you said any of these phrases lately (only to be frustrated that it’s NOT working out the way you thought)???

If this sounds like YOU, you’re in the right place!

It's Not Your Fault

The game is rigged (and it’s not in your favor) . . . 

I used to have the lowest rates around . . . 

I used to struggle everyday with posting on social media . . .

I used to post my listings on every internet site I could find (even the bad ones) . . . 

It’s time to STOP.

X STOP lowering your rates (I have a better way)

X STOP wasting time on social media (I have a better way)

X STOP the post and pray listing game (I have a better way)

My name is Suzanne (not Susan)

As a former Banking Executive turned STR Owner - I started Welcoming Wow because of my passion to see others succeed and grow! In addition to business coaching, we have also expanded into co-hosting, social media management, interior design and more!! I have had the privilege of coaching so many owners over the past couple years and seeing the growth always gives me so much joy!

If you have a challenge - I have most likely seen it and helped to solve it! Having been an owner/host since 2018, I have hosted thousands of guests in my properties over the years and I want to help you have a fabulous hosting experience as well!

I want to give you my Cheat Codes...

I never thought I could get more bookings, but I have discovered the SECRETS! Here's how...

Introducing...the Book SMARTER Not Harder Membership

Join our Membership Program at whichever tier suits you best!

Basic Plan: Ideal for new Airbnb hosts - $27 per month or $275 per year

  • Services: Initial and Bi-Annual listing & social media assessments, basic listing optimization, access to basic social media templates in our vault, PLUS access to the Welcoming Wow DIY Course (valued at $1,000).
  • Benefits: Perfect for getting your foot in the door with professional guidance to start strong.

Standard Plan: For hosts aiming to grow their bookings - $47 per month or $500 per year

  • Services: Includes all Basic features plus advanced listing optimization, enhanced marketing support, and performance analytics, access to monthly marketing workshops.
  • Benefits: Drive growth with focused strategies and analytics to sharpen your competitive edge.

Premium Plan: Optimized for top-tier hosts - $97 per month or $1,000 per year

  • Services: All Standard features plus bi-weekly group accountability calls, access to premium social media templates & tips, access to exclusive webinars and training, and priority support.
  • Benefits: Maximize your potential with bespoke strategies and our comprehensive support system.

Executive Plan: Perfect for those hosts looking to continue to expand their portfolio - $157 per month or $1,500 per year

  • Services: All Premium features plus weekly individual accountability/coaching sessions, access to exclusive webinars and training, and priority support.
  • Benefits: Maximize your potential with individual strategies and our comprehensive support system.

Take a look at what each plan includes!

What others are saying...

"Suzanne's group is just what I needed in my business! The strategies and templates are priceless save me sooo much time and energy!" - Katie

"The HOSTing Success Membership is perfect for me and my vacation rental! I can use as much or as little as I want, and Suzanne makes it easy!" - Annie

Join the ranks of other successful short term rental owners!

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100% Quality Guarantee

The truth is most guarantees speak to people who are unsure and not committed to taking action. But I don’t believe that’s you. I believe you are resourceful and hard-working - so I have no doubt that you will invest the time to implement this program and see success.

I only want you to purchase this membership if you are able to commit to taking action. In return, my promise to you is to share EXACTLY what I have been teaching other vacation rental owners for years (for a FRACTION of the cost - shhhhh don't tell).

To protect my intellectual property, there will not be a money-back guarantee. I’m investing my entirety into this membership, and I expect to see the same commitment and effort from you in return.


How much time do I have to commit? That is completely up to you, but we're making it EASY for you to increase bookings and scale your business!

What results can I expect? More bookings. More revenue. More views on your listings. Business Growth. Time back in your day.

Is this right for MY property? If you want to increase bookings or grow your business, then YES - the Book SMARTER Not Harder Membership is right for YOUR business!

What if I’m just a co-host? Co-hosts are so valuable in this business, and you can definitely benefit too! Implement the tools we will be giving and you will look like the ROCKSTAR that you are and have more opportunities!

What if I haven’t bought my first property yet? I've designed the Book SMARTER Not Harder Membership with all levels in mind! In fact, a 'NEWBIE" will benefit greatly because you will have access to the Welcoming Wow DIY Course valued at $1,000!

What if I have multiple properties? Yay! Good for you! How is your time management? Are you feeling lost? Could you benefit from having someone "in your corner"? If yes, then the Book SMARTER Not Harder Membership is definitely for you!

What if I don't want to continue after my first 30 days? Just cancel your membership - but remember, you will be missing out on all the goods coming your way EVERY MONTH!

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