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How Simplified Nutrition Online Will Save You Money


How can SNO save you Money?

If there’s a way to save money, Simplified Nutrition Online has found it and found a way to do it in every area of foodservice operations. This includes exact menu costing, streamlined food ordering, customized production reports, precise recipe scaling, select menu options, emergency menu food rotation, just to name a few. On top of this, SNO’s cloud-computing eliminates the need for in-house IT and server-based expenses. We also provide unlimited free training and customer support. Simplified Nutrition Online (SNO) has emerged as the market trend-setter for dietary management solutions which includes our ‘Menu Publisher’ and ‘Resident Management’ modules.

SNO is a monthly subscription fee service that is based upon the facility’s daily census. The subscription includes all software updates and enhancements at no additional cost. At pennies per person per day, SNO is the most cost effective solution available. Plus, our Software as a Service (SAAS) applications are accessible from any internet connected devise, and from any browser.


SNO Reduces Food Waste

With our sophisticated software solution, SNO ‘has your back’ when it comes to reducing or eliminating food waste. SNO’s ‘Order Guides’ use real-time pricing from multiple food vendors so you can select sale and featured items before you buy. They also help prevent over-ordering by automatically determining which products allow split case or what is the smallest vendor pack available for the quantity needed.  With SNO’s linked production that is based on the actual resident census, and recipe yield reports, kitchen staff can prepare accurate quantities from census-scaled recipes to eliminate food waste through overproduction. A customer based study conducted by a Registered Dietitian Consultant found that “the average monthly savings of a 100-resident facility, is $1,000 - $1,500 per month. SNO’s food ordering guides and production guides are just a few ways you will save money!”


SNO is one Solution that Fits Customers of All Sizes

Cost saving benefits can be a reality for stand-alone facilities up to large corporations. SNO offers specific benefits to our corporate customers by enabling corporate and regional level users to have access to facility sites both individually and regionally. This access can be used to perform a variety of audits for enhanced accountability and compliance, and in particular to maintain food costs control through vendor mapping, ingredient linking, as well as purchasing and budget analytics. Budgets and other critical-cost-per-resident (CCPR) factors can be monitored and analyzed by facility, region, or nationally.


SNO Helps Bear the Cost-Burden

of Achieving Compliance

In addition to our other benefits, SNO’s solution helps your facility meet state survey readiness. For HIPAA compliance, SNO includes data encryption and password-protected user profiles as well as an audit trail for accountability by tracking all users who have viewed and changed resident records. SNO contains controls for data integrity and information access including the ability to restrict regional and facility users to only see their region or facility including protection on fixed fields to prevent users from viewing and/or making changes.

For HACCP compliance, SNO’s database of thousands of recipes contains method steps which include Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). Additionally, SNO’s IDDSI compliant recipes and menus can be copied and modified.


Summary: SNO Brings You Savings

SNO wishes to see your facilities succeed by saving money in every area!

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