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Explore the Evercoat Difference at Hall Buick GMC

Mark Smith, Shop Manager of Hall Buick GMC Collision Center first joined the industry with an interest in painting. Since then, Smith has been using Evercoat products throughout his career in collision repair.

As the Collision Center Director at Hall Buick GMC, Smith uses the Evercoat OPTEX line exclusively for body repairs. "It is a highly productive product," Smith said. "With the color change piece, it allows our guys to apply the product and move on to something else they're working on and just with a visual, know that it's ready for sanding."

In addition to the quality products Evercoat has to offer, all of our end user customers receive support in product training, industry best practices, and more. "Tom [Lowry] is our Evercoat rep but he has also been involved in critical pieces of the business. Helping us make decisions and diagnose problems," Smith said. "And having Tom Lowry onboard with us to do training, yearly training with the technicians is critical for us being able to move forward and use the product line to its full potential."

Our territory reps become a true extension of your business as a dedicated resource and product expert for your business' applications. Coupled with our impressive line of quality products designed to impact your bottom line, Evercoat is the ideal partner in collision repair.

"[Evercoat OPTEX] has saved us money and made us more productive."

-Mark Smith, Collision Center Dir. of Hall Buick GMC

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Are you ready to experience the Evercoat difference?

Products Used by Hall Buick GMC

Evercoat has the body filler and putty products trusted by more shops than any other brand, with performance and pricing to meet your specific needs. 

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Metal Glaze® OPTEX

Metal Glaze® OPTEX™ is an ultra-premium body filler and glazing putty formulated to help body shops save time and money on every repair. Once mixed with cream hardener, OPTEX changes from pink to green, indicating the repair is ready to sand. Formulated with Evercoat’s patented ECORESIN™ technology, OPTEX offers superior adhesion to a broad range of substrates and unparalleled sanding properties.


440 Express™ Micro-Pinhole Eliminator

This product is a quick fix for micro-pinholes that are hard to identify prior to primer application. This 1k patent-pending technology is a high-solids polyester that is easy to apply and quick to dry. 


Rage® OPTEX™ Premium Body Filler

Combined with color-changing technology, this ultra-premium body filler helps body shops save time and money on every repair. There’s no second guessing—once mixed with cream hardener, OPTEX changes color to indicate the repair is ready to sand.