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This 30 Day Freedom Nation Advanced FREE Trial Includes...

  • 1) A 60-Minute Group Functional Fitness Workout run by Police/Fire/EMS Professionals...

  • 2) 90 Min "Unit Total Fitness Accelerator" Video Course

  • 3) Free Downloadable Videos or Free Access through the YouTube Channel
  • Leadership Development Video Discussions
  • And (Optional) Christian Faith-Based Life Coaching Video Discussions...

Basic Course Breakdown:

First Week - Brilliance in the Basics!

Second Week - "Beast Mode" Training Regiment

Third Week - Building Fortitude & Resilience

Fourth Week - Find Your Freedom!

Read On For Your Next Steps!

NEXT STEPS....3...2...1: GO!

Starting this 30 Day Freedom Nation Advanced Trial only require 3 Simple Steps for you take...

1) Start by going to the YouTube Channel "Shoot, Move, Communicate" and Hit the "Subscribe" button in order to ensure that you have easy access to our preprogrammed playlists and videos for the Freedom Nation Advanced! Simply click on the button below...

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And last but not least...

3) Schedule Your Group 1 Hour Zoom Training Call with a Total Force Fitness Coach AND receive an email (sent directly to you) telling you exactly how you can get FREE access within 1-day to the Freedom Fitness America highly vetted video content library on SamePage!

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“So I say, take ownership…take extreme ownership. Don’t make excuses, don’t blame any other person or any other thing. Get control of your ego...Don’t hide your delicate pride...from the truth.

Take ownership of everything in your world…the good and the bad.

Take ownership of your mistakes, take ownership of your shortfalls, take ownership of your problems, and then take ownership of the solutions that will get those problems solved. Take ownership of your mission.

Take ownership of your job of your team of your future and take ownership of your life.

And lead. Lead. Lead yourself and your team and the people in your life. Lead them all…to victory.

(Warrior Mentality-Motivational Speech, Jocko Willink).

Freedom Fitness America

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Freedom Fitness America