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CounterCraft is a pioneering provider of cyber deception and counterintelligence products to detect targeted attacks.

Advanced adversaries and targeted attacks threaten large organizations on a daily basis. CounterCraft provides a distributed Deception Platform that creates automated digital breadcrumbs to bait adversaries into thinking they are penetrating companies’ networks. This innovative cybersecurity approach allows CounterCraft to get information on attackers’ and objectives while misdirecting them.

Counterintelligence campaigns are time-consuming to design and complex to deploy and maintain. Monitoring them can be an arduous, if not impossible task.

It is difficult to evaluate the success of a campaign and deliver useful intelligence as an output.

CounterCraft’s solution deploys deception-based campaigns and offers deep monitoring and complex response actions. The Cyber Deception Platform is currently used by governments, law enforcement agencies, and Fortune 500 companies – proving our craft and expertise in IT security. It runs automated counterintelligence to discover targeted attacks with a real-time active response and zero false positives.

Ultimately, the CounterCraft solution allows you to take a proactive approach in understanding who is trying to gather your data and how they’re trying to breach your system. Although still new to the American market, CounterCraft is already being used at the California Department of Public Health. In a rather turbulent period of time globally, it is vital to set up defenses against foreign and domestic threats.

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