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Only 30% of transformation meet or exceed their target value (BCG 2020)

66% of technology projects end in partial or total failure (Standish Group 2020)

$260B is the total estimated cost of unsuccessful IT/software projects in the US (CISQ 2020)

That being said, Acuity has recently partnered with M Corp to provide state departments with a tool to evaluate a project both during implementation and after completion. How is this possible? - ReM score.

ReM is a tool developed by M Corp that allows managers to test the "readiness" of their project. Using 14 domains of measurement, ReM gathers data from different internal teams to assess a project's risks and weaknesses. Scores can be generated at any time during the duration and execution of a project.

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Using ReM, managers receive unbiased and focused data that will allow them to be more strategic.

Their solution works for any project--IT or non-IT related.

Complete projects with confidence, identify risks before implementation, and identify project/divison weaknesses using M Corp's ReM tool.

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For more information about ReM by M Corp, reach out to our team by clicking here.