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Welcome to your Kingdom Kidz Volunteer Journey

Children are a big deal to Jesus. I mean, the all-powerful, all-knowing Creator of the Universe, places a huge value on the little humans! Jesus received children, he blessed them and healed them. Jesus even became upset when his disciples tried to keep children away from them. If children are such a big deal to Jesus, shouldn't they be a big deal to us?


We love our youth!

Children seem to do best when they have at least 3 loving & supportive adult influences in their lives. .

Bible is Fun!

Our bible curriculum is pre-planned and easy to teach. It's also fun for the youth.

Children are a big deal to Jesus!

Ever wonder what miracles God has in store for our youth? Be a part of the story. Step inside their world, so they can step out on faith.

Volunteer Today!

We have several volunteer spots: teachers, counselors, check-in specialist and runners.

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