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A FREE 30 Min Mastermind

for Small Business Owners who want to;

hire motivated employees,

attract skilled professionals,

and retain talent long-term.

+15 minutes of Live Q&A!

Do you feel like no one wants to work anymore? Have you been struggling to maintain your workforce and keep up with market demands? Let's talk about those obstacles and build a strategy to overcome them!

Expectations are developed between an employer and employee in an interview. The promises and opportunities the job offers, as well as a candidate's skills, interests, and potential to be successful, contribute to the reason you have offered the job, and why they have accepted the position.

In each mastermind, we will discuss how to prepare and set expectations clearly, and share ideas to help you create a strategy for leadership & employee accountability.

Attend once, regularly, or when you can, but bring your questions, concerns, and an open mind!


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