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Designing e4.5.2 Software with an Element of your Choice

just $3999

Designing e4.5.2 Software with a trade-in

just $1900

Includes One Element, of your choice, from the Creativity/Productivity Group

Update to Designing e4.5.2

Wilcom e1.5 through e3

just $950

Includes One Element, of your choice, from the Creativity/Productivity Group

FREE Update for Current E4 Customers, Update to the latest E4.5.2 R3

Download the update from


Must have Windows 10 or above

Elements from the Creativity/Production Group

just $200

Buy 1 Element at $200, Buy 3 for $500, Buy 6 for $900

Specialty Elements are Half Price

You may choose 1 of the first 13 Elements listed below (Creativity/Productivity Group ) to bundle

with your E4.5 Designing or E4.5 Update

at no additional price.

  1  W6669. Offsets Advanced, $399, Instantly outlines objects and letters. Embolden logos, badges and other designs with distinctive, colorful borders

   2. W6670 Team Names Advanced: $399, Lets you personalize team and corporate logos quickly and efficiently, set up names for a team or business so that all are set to run exactly the same width, type style etc., and you take the names from the email that is sent rather than re-type them

   3. W6675 Auto Arrangements: $399, Use Mirror-Merge to flip an object horizontally and vertically or mirror objects on an axis that you draw. Allows you repeat patterns, arrange them as decoratively as you like and see that the colors are separated to run at the appropriate time. 

  4.  W6676 Custom Splits: $399, Allows you to take a fill or satin stitch and "Stamp" an image into it. Add carving, embossing and other dimensional effects to your embroidery

   5  W6678. Photo Flash: $399 Allows you to stitch a multicolor print, similar to a newspaper print

   6. W6679  Shading and Open Fills: $399, Allows you to use light destiny fills that graduate from full density to very light density and to program them as one continuous fill with no lines running under the fill. Add depth and dimension to your embroidery with powerful shadows, and shading.

   7. W6680  Curved Fills: $399, Follow the contour of the animal's body. Create unique, flowing stitch patterns that add motion and dimension to any closed object

   8.W6681  Motifs: $399, Allows you to create and repeat a design or object in your fills and runs.  

   9. NEW – 4.1   Spiral Fill $399: Allows you to have the fill follow the contour of the animal or object. Fill shapes with smooth spiral stitching effects

10. NEW -4.1  Advanced Motif $399  Allows you to graduate the size of the Motif element to fit an area

11. NEW-4.1   String Stitch: $399  Allows you to create outlines for filled shapes with overlapping ‘string art’ stitching for decorative effects. This stitch is also used to attach mirror pieces commonly known as ‘Paghadi’ in India.

12, Maize Fill $400   This stitch style has been used within the fashion embroidery world. The Maze stitch fills shapes with perfect, evenly spaced lines that never overlap in just a few clicks, saving many hours of digitizing work. Now, this technique can be achieved by all digitizing teams. This is typically used to create flowers, paisley prints or any outlined curved shapes. It creates beautiful designs with much fewer stitches. 

13, Reef Photostitch $400  This is a modern take on Photo Flash, where an incredibly complex image is simplified to just a single run stitch. The single run never crosses itself or repeats along the same line. The coral reef-like stitch pattern concentrates in darker areas of the image. It is extremely fast and efficient and creates a unique artistic style.

The Elements that are considered Specialty Elements. are not Elligible to be bundled with your new software free of charge, but are on Sale for 50% Off! These are listed below...

 Alphabet Creator: $999, Allows you to create your own Alphabets, in the $699 Special   

 Sequins: $1199 Allows you to set up single and double rows of sequins for production

 Chenille: $1199 Allows you to program for Chenille

 Schiffle: $999, Allows you to program for the Schiffle machine


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