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New Genetics Platform

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that should help you transition onto the New RSG Genetics Inventory Management Platform.

  1. How do I get my new account? ANSWER: RSG will send you an email once your new account is live. This email will have instructions on how to sign in and get started.
  2. What happens to my old semen inventory account? ANSWER: Once the new system is live your old account will no longer be accessible. All of your inventory will be in the new platform. RSG will have admin access to the old system to reconcile any issues that might arise with the inventory migration process.
  3. Do I still need to complete a Shipping/ Pick Up form on the RSG website once the new system is live? ANSWER: No you will not as the new platform will allow for that process to initiate.
  4. Do I still need to complete a Transfer form on the RSG website? ANSWER: No you will not as the new platform allows you to initiate transfers seamlessly. Only people without a storage account with RSG will need to initiate Transfers on the RSG website.
  5. How do I pay for storage with the new platform? ANSWER: When you sign in for the first time you will be asked to put in a valid credit card or ACH information to store with your account details. Billing will be automatically charged to your account monthly starting in January of 2024.
  6. Did storage cost go up with the new inventory platform? ANSWER: No our storage plan pricing will remain the same in 2024.
  7. Is the new platform mobile friendly? ANSWER: Yes the new platform has been developed to work on all devices including tablets and cell phones. No App download is needed to access your account. Just use to sign in from any device.
  8. Can I add additional Users to my account? ANSWER: Yes you can add additional team members to your account and establish what features they can do from the Team Management link.
  9. Can I view semen and embryos I have in storage? ANSWER: Yes you can view and take action on both semen and embryos in the new platform?
  10. If I purchase semen in the online RSG Sire Catalog when will it be in my account? ANSWER: Today the online catalog and the new platform are not connected, so a member of the RSG Genetics team will still need to transfer the semen from the catalog account into your account. The new system should make that process smoother and easier than before. In the future RSG is developing a seamless connection between the two systems that should be live in early 2024.

Visit our User Guide page to help answer more questions.