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YThe WINGS Industry Network featured SAFE as a founding member, promoting "mastery not minimums." Continuing pilot education "lifetime learning" is essential to safety. You can earn WINGS credit with this show.

Read our most recent SAFEblog on CFI effectiveness. Though initial CFI training continually emphasizes the importance of "talking and flying," micromanaging a lesson in this manner impedes student learning. Read More...

Just published in October, the new FAA Flying Handbook includes a brand new chapter on "energy management" finally addressing the contentious pitch/power issue head on. Available FREE in chapter pdfs.

New "Plan of Action" view of added ratings simplifies the tables in the PTS and ACS. What exactly do you need adding a MEI to a CFI single engine? Collected tools for CFIs and DPEs are also free in SAFE's CFI Toolkit app for Android or iOS.

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