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Welcome to 2023 Series 4 of

"Shifting Through Grief & Beyond Losses"


The workshop began as a collaboration, w/

I AM H.E.R International Facebook group to empower the 700+ members during the start of COVID to give godly strategists to attack financial, career, and life losses and transitions that were on the rise. After the initial first 6-sessions broaden the audience to include all of the Relationship Service Station and its extended reach to make a more significant impact in providing grief strategies. The season of grief is something that comes and goes in each of our lives and we are looking to impact more healthy grief choices to give strategies to have positive progress on the journey.

Cortne' Lee Smith is committed to serving as a guide to help someone(s) walk out of this dark period of their life.

Because I AM H.E.R

Healed- Equipped - Resilient

Through my own journey of grief and loss, I took ownership of my hurts and pains to be the vehicle that #godcreated me to be to carry others through the pain of loss and the roads of grief.

Extended Workshop + Workbook +additional Q&A time

* Inclusive of BRUNCH

*limited print copies of GRIEF GARAGE MAGAZINE

LIVE-CHAT and On-DEMAND ACCESS for limited registrants + digital workbook download

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Partner with US to impact positive progress on the grief journey...


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Interested in Supporting First Saturday Workshop

Free Grief Resources presented by The Relationship Service Station

2020-2022 Broadcast every First Saturday LIVE at 6 AM

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"Embrace the goodness of grief to continue to GROW into your later greater"

-Cortne' Lee Smith

365 Days Daily Word

Inspiration & Implementation to follow the steps ordered by GOD into our lives of PEACE & JOY.


a weekly live call for Q&A & feedback on progress with strategies.

Monthly workshops will provide additional grief skills and tools by our facilitator and other expert guests

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