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Here is what your colleagues who took some courses with us have to say about their experience

An Excellent course...

Overall, an excellent course, which I would consider almost essential for any general dentist who is planning to treat patients with clear aligners, especially Invisalign. I found Dr. Reinhardt to be passionate and genuinely keen to teach us, which kept the course engaging.

Dr. Jasper Follows

If you are serious...

Anyone serious about incorporating orthodontics with clear aligners to their practice MUST take this course!

Dr. Paul Stramboulis

I feel confident...

I have learned so much in this introductory course. I know I have more to learn but I feel way more confident selecting cases and being successful with Invisalign.

Dr. Selena Davies

Not a recipe book...

It is a very well put together course. Dr. Reinhardt's passion for teaching and helping fellow dentists, make the sessions really enjoyable. I like the fact that he does not give a "recipe book", but teaches you to think and work towards an individualized treatment plan.

Dr. Patil Madhur

I will definitely be back...

I would unreservedly recommend this course to anyone starting Invisalign. It’s very systematic, making sure the raw basics are covered. Dr. Reinhardt makes you think while keeping you entertained too. I was happy that the focus was clinical. So many other courses out there spend too much time on marketing instead of making sure you can choose your cases wisely and treat them efficiently and predictably. I’ll definitely be back for the intermediate course.

Dr. Panayiotis Pessinis