Highlighting the most effective educational strategies, designed to ensure that all students succeed.

This podcast will focus on how best to address long-standing education inequalities at all levels of the education system in ways that go beyond current controversies on issues such as critical race theory, diversity, equity and inclusion, and ethnic studies. Initial episodes of the podcast will focus on key issues such as how to restore arts and music education to the school curriculum (with guests Daveed Diggs, the star of Hamilton, and legendary actor John Lithgow), how to engage parents in their children’s education in a constructive way, the crisis of mental health on college campuses and the ongoing challenge of college affordability.

Meet Our Co-Hosts

Pedro Noguera, dean of the USC Rossier School of Education, will host the podcasts on preK-12 education. He is a nationally known author and speaker, with a considerable following. Importantly, he also has a track record of reaching across ideological divides, as evidenced by his book “A Search for Common Ground,” co-authored with Frederick Hess from the American Enterprise Institute, and their “common ground” podcasts.

Lande Ajose, the managing director of the Waverley Street Foundation, a start-up foundation focused on climate change. will host podcasts on postsecondary education. She is the former executive director of California Competes, chair of the California Student Aid Commission, and senior advisor to Gov. Gavin Newson on higher education. She will host the episodes on postsecondary education.

Behind the Podcast

Louis Freedberg, the executive producer and reporter for the podcast, is a veteran education journalist and media innovator who until recently was executive editor of EdSource, a leading nonprofit journalism organization reporting on all facets of education in California. He was the founder and co-host of EdSource’s podcast This Week in California Education. He was a long time reporter, columnist and editorial writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, and has also reported for a wide variety of other news outlets, including the New York Times and National Public Radio. Veteran podcast producer Coby McDonald is the producer of "Sparking Equity," and producer of EdSource's Education Beat podcast, the only podcast on education in California. Stephen Smith, founder of American Public Media, is the consulting producer. Veteran podcast producer Coby McDonald is the senior producer of "Sparking Equity." He currently produces "Education Beat," the only podcast on education in California. Consulting producer is Steven Smith, the former executive editor and host of APM Reports.

"Until we get equality in education, we won't have an equal society."

- Justice Sonia Sotomayor