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"Are you ready to use homeschooling to guide your children to an enriching life that is full of passion and purpose, where they love learning and are academically excellent, where they are confident and have good character, and where they are disciplined in maintaining great health, financial wealth and an unshakable self-identity that is rooted in the legacy and greatness of our Afrikan culture?" -Queen Taese, the Queen of Black Homeschooling

The Queen Of Black Homeschooling

will show you how to:

  • Take your homeschool journey from Blah to Blacknificent!

  • Transform chaos into Confidence & Competence!

  • Turn your Finances into Fruits of Abundance!

  • Turn your Fears Into Fuel!

  • Turn your challenges into triumphs!

Whether you are new to homeschooling, a homeschool veteran, or not homeschooling at all, but want to have a greater impact on your child's success, this next-level training is for you!

Unlock the formula!


In this one of a kind

webinar, you will learn:

  • Important things that most don't consider when starting their homeschooling journey, in addition to how to honor your decision, maintain enthusiasm, and celebrate new beginnings.

  • The simple science and techniques of Queen Taese's Density Design Formula, where she will share the creative mindset that is needed for putting together an impactful, decolonizing, and empowering foundation that leads our children on a path to Academic Success & Black Excellence!

  • How to become masterful & highly skilled at creating opportunities for your children, instead of hoping and waiting for opportunities to come to you.

  • How to move from mediocre to mindblowing with your homeschooling impact!

And, guess what?

I am excited to announce that I

have just added even more amazing content, bonuses, prizes, giveaways,

and special guests!

  • I will share simple tips on one of the top questions you all ask me, which is how to finance your homeschool journey! Whew! How could I forget to add that in? I got you!

  • I will do a power giveaway, where 3 attendees will win access to one of our Liberated Minds video libraries with over 70 exclusive videos power-packed with life-changing information for Black parents, homeschoolers, educators, and children. All of these video selections are produced by Liberated Minds.

  • I will also gift 3 Blacknificent attendees with LIFETIME ACCESS to the Blacknificent Motherland Math Self-paced Course designed for ages 9-12, yet valuable for the whole family! (Sponsored by BerryGoodTeaching)

  • And to save the best for last, I will introduce you to a few awesome and inspirational special guests that have successfully used the tools I have taught them to take their homeschool journey to the next level!

So, come with a Winning Spirit! TOGETHER WE WIN!

Queen Taese,

Community Builder!


Queen Taese receives the Harriet Tubman (Araminta)

"Community Building" Love Award at the Black Love Celebration

in Atlanta, GA presented by AYA Educational Institute.

Find Out Why Queen Taese is the

Queen of Black Homeschooling:

"Well, before the work in my bio represents me by itself, let me please first speak to what matters the most to my soul, as I am never solely responsible for these accomplishments. And wholeheartedly, I have many and much to share my gratitude with for the unconditional love, guidance, support, encouragement, and teachings. There is no such thing as independence. Teamwork makes the red, Black, and green work. It is the love for our beautiful Afrikan children that electrifies my spirit and gives me infinite energy to fulfill my divine purpose and Ancestral obligation to provide pathways of authentic liberation for our babies. They are BLACKNIFICENT! They are EVERYTHING! When we liberate our children, we liberate the future for Afrikan people globally." -Queen Taese

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Queen Taese receives the UJAMAA Award at the

2021 1st Annual Kwanzaa Awards by Kinara Park Kids.

Her Commitment To Excellence!

Queen Taese, also known as the Queen of Black Homeschooling, is an award-winning master educator for 25+ years, a 3 category bestselling author, international keynote speaker, curriculum developer, Black homeschool/educational consultant, and visionary who is a trailblazing businesswoman and homeschool mother for over 25 years. She has taught over 80,000 hours through homeschooling her own 7 children and countless others, as well as worked directly with over 50,000 Black children and families in diverse settings. Queen Taese is the founder of the Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Institute, which just celebrated its 10 year anniversary. It serves as the umbrella for a multitude of programs and events, such as the annual Liberated Minds Expo, which draws thousands and assists families in connecting with Black curricula, books, resources, training, and a like-minded community that builds loving and long-lasting relationships, and offers unconditional support that breathes life into those who attend.

Imagine a reality where you are moving in frequency with your family, creating high vibrational learning experiences for your children, and carefully crafting what you once thought was impossible! I know it might seem overwhelming. BELIEVE ME, I've been there, yet sometimes the only thing in our way is ourselves. YOU ARE A TRAILBLAZER! I challenge you to ROAR, letting your voice be heard and your mission be felt, while releasing all fear, frustration, and uncertainty. Let Divine intervention take its course. Your child's future and family's legacy depend on it. We don't have to reinvent the wheel. THERE IS A FORMULA! What are you waiting for? This could be you in 2022! I am excited to be on this journey with you!


"Gift me your time and I will guarantee your transformation!

-Queen Taese