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Join other California State Agencies providing Leadership Development & Business Skills; Technology and Developer; and Compliance (including Health and Safety) with state-of-the-art online learning resources from Skillsoft. Content Options include qualified learning courses that are mapped to core competencies and that meet required Senate Bill 848 learning hours. 

Be sure to check out the Skillsoft 360 Report: Be The Eye of the Storm. Since the onset of the global pandemic, three seismic shifts have convened to disrupt business as usual:

  • A global health crisis: Covid-19
  • Economic uncertainty
  • A widespread social justice movement

During this time of uncertainty, social unrest, and intense economic pressure, employees are looking for stability, support and reassurance. And that puts business and HR leaders on the frontline.

As we prepare to reassemble, business recovery will be critical. This includes assessing business operations, bringing employees back to work, and ensuring a safe workplace. There is no doubt that the workplace is forever changed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Skillsoft is here to assist your Agency as you plan to get back to full strength. We are able to support your back to work strategy with content addressing topics such as: Business Continuity Strategy, Virtual Collaboration, Working from Home, Getting Ready to Reassemble: The Post-pandemic Workspace, Bringing People Back: Post-pandemic Work Policies, Managing People in the Post-pandemic World, Moving Beyond the Pandemic, Regaining focusand Re-socializing to the Office.

Contact your Acuity Technical Solutions Account Manager for more information, and we can facilitate an introduction to a State of California Skillsoft Representative who can provide free access for evaluation as well as licensing and pricing options for your Agency.