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Are you stuck in your

entrepreneur business?

More now than ever women entrepreneurs are stuck in their entrepreneur business leaving you frustrated, disillusioned, questioning and fearful thinking all the time, resources, money and energy you have put into your business and your business is going no-where and maybe even going down the drain. Feeling lost and unclear how to move forward also sends you self confidence right down that same drain stopping you right in your tracks.. You most likely have been doing the same thing over and over again or even trying new strategies getting the same results while knowing the answer is out there, but where? This is know as STUCK.

By now you know getting unstuck by yourself is almost impossible. If you are like many entrepreneurs you have been following "experts" on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and you most likely belong to 5 - 6 entrepreneur groups too but nothing is happening in your business. I know I've done the same thing. Being a successful women entrepreneur with 20 years experience, in every economic climate, even a pandemic, here is what I have learned, it's easier and faster to business a successful fast growing business with a mentor, resources and self confidence.

In my experience there are 5 reasons why you might be stuck in your business.

✔️STICKY REASON #1 you are only really listening to yourself, and those you are looking to for assistance don't know you, and your unique thoughts or struggles leaving no room for idea sharing and innovation.

✔️STICKY REASON #2 You are surround by family and friends that don't really support you or know how to support you on your entrepreneur journey sharing their not helpful opinions resulting in a growing lack of confidence in you.

✔️STICKY REASON #3 You don't have experienced entrepreneur business mentors to guide you, providing education, and resources on your path reducing failure rate.

✔️STICKY REASON #4 You don't have a system to follow, or knowledge of best business practices you need to grow your business.

✔️STICKY REASON #5 You have not connected to your tribe, or community who support you, encourage you and going the same direction you are going towards personal and business growth.

This Mentoring Community is Your Foundation to a Wildly Successful Business

Wherever you live, think about the foundation upon which your house (or condo or apartment) is built. The foundation carries the weight of the whole house in its shoulders, is the strong base for the walls, With out a solid foundation the house will not stand the test of time.


It's just as important for your business to have a good solid foundation as it is for you home. It's important for your home to last through disasters and weather aging as it is for your business to be able to with stand economic winters, economy slowdowns and yes event pandemics. For your business the foundations are grounded in your business knowledge, skills, problem solving ability, creative juices, understanding with clarity and application in these 6 foundations: 

Mastering these foundations is what is known as business savvy, resilient, unstoppable! 

6 Foundations to Business Success

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Join the Private Exclusive Facebook Group

First let's meet up on Facebook, where you will find powerful new content every day form our community of successful women entrepreneurs, interviews with women in the trenches with you. This year we are adding Domestic Violence Education and Awareness to our community. 1 in 4 women have been impacted by domestic violence, maybe it's you or a friends of yours? Invite them to the group, Women Move Forward will give them the tools to transition out of domestic violence through entrepreneurship, our partner H.O.T. Hear Our Tears will help by providing tools and resources that can help.

Now Decide How You Want to Move Forward

Become a member of the Women Move Forward Entrepreneur Mentoring Community at the place that seems right for you and where you are in your business. Look into your commitment level, Where are you? Are you ready to take the next step with the support of an amazing community? Now is the time to take a serious look at your business and ask yourself ,,,

Is my business where I want it to be? Do I know where I am going? Do I know how to get there? Is my business solid or do I need to pivot? How am I going to get there? Do I have the support I need to take me the distance? It all starts with commitment.

We Have a PROVEN SYSTEM That Works

How do we know? Because we have been perfecting the Women Move Forward 6 Foundations for Business Success©

Women Entrepreneur Excellence program for two years. In 2020 the women who participated in the mentoring program during the pandemic are not only in still in business which is pretty amazing, they are experiencing improved sales,

new customer acquisition and pivoting with style!

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If this is you say out loud "I am committed to my business. I am to ready to attract, listen and learn to what I need to build a resilient business." I am clear I need the help of a strong women entrepreneur community."

Get Committed To Create and Grow the Impactful and Profitable Business of Your Dreams

Window shopping. LEVEL UP 1 STARTUP MEMBERSHIP is the place for you. Each week you will receive new content, videos, worksheets and information to business your business created by and for the women in our Women Move Forward Community.

Ready to get started. LEVEL UP 2 PROGRESS MEMBERSHIP is just where you want to be. Progress is what you are making towards a solid business foundation leaning into business resilience moving forward. Progress memberships incorporates the Women Entrepreneur Excellence Course, a structured classroom curriculum, with set classes. Along with the classroom this membership includes monthly mentoring circles, quarterly business evaluations to see how your business is doing, and a Women Entrepreneur Excellence Course Completion Certificate.

Ready to experience a solid foundation with a fully creditable business. LEVEL UP 3 TO WIN is now for you. This membership level is I am looking for community credibility and an expert status as a women entrepreneur business owner. The membership also includes access to all community forums following the paid event, one-on-one coaching, mentoring circles, Women Entrepreneur Excellence Course Completion and Women Entrepreneur Excellence Certification, graduation recognition at the Women Entrepreneur Summit.

Women Entrepreneur Certification

gives you the competitive edge

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Certification is important because it validates the business owner’s high-level of expertise, increases credibility, confidence and establishes trust. Certification demonstrates to those around you that the business owner can set goals and achieve objectives, secured a successful business model, is set up for business resilience—the business owner can be trusted to go the distance for their customers and clients.

Meet the Women Entrepreneur Excellence Course and Certification Graduates Class of 2020!



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Come Join Our Community to Build a Strong,

Resilient, Lasting Business

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

Margaret J. Wheatley

The Women Move Forward Facebook Group and all 3 Women Move Forward Entrepreneur Mentoring Community memberships follow the 6 Foundations for Business Success and domestic violence entrepreneur education. All memberships annual renewable. The Women Entrepreneur Excellence Course, and Women Entrepreneur Excellence Certification is a 12 month completion date for 22 classes allowing flexibility for your schedule.

Foundation #1 Success Mindset: Attracting prosperity

Foundation #2 Business Success Strategies: Getting your business off to the right start


Foundation #3 Marketing Online & Offline: Attracting and Keeping Customers

Foundation #4 Financial Literacy

Foundation #5 Business & Personal Wellness: Mental Health

Foundation #6 Community Engagement: Getting Connected and Domestic Violence Education, HOT Hear our Tears Ambassador Program

"70% of women owned business fail due to lack of mentoring, role models, business resources and confidence" Entrepreneur.com

All membership levels includes the 9 BONUSES including invitations to monthly, quarterly and annual events:

  • Access to successful Women Entrepreneur Mentors
  • Business Connections - Online Networking Events
  • Quarterly Community Forums with success business leader resources
  • Business Building Education by successful community women entrepreneurs
  • Women’s Entrepreneur Summit celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day with 20 women entrepreneurs business experts, business leasers, mentors, business resources, confidence building and inspiration.

Each membership builds on the previous membership

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$18 a year, will give you time, and tools you need to grow your business with weekly content that includes mentoring, coaching, education videos, worksheets from the women entrepreneur community.

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$216 / year*($18/ month) moving your business along with structured online classroom to provide the knowledge you need to stabilize your business with Women Entrepreneur Excellence Course Completion Certificate.

Save $50 

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$432 / year* ($36 / month) winner takes all, you will receive all the benefits of Startup & Progress Memberships plus one-on-one mentoring, mentoring circles and you will graduate with Women Entrepreneur Excellence Certification.  

Save $50

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Now is the time to acknowledge building your dream business will grow faster,

more profitable, and resilient with the support of a women entrepreneur community.

Thank you to our community partners

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