We are pleased to share that 2022 was another remarkable year of economic growth for DeKalb County. Last year, 17 attraction and expansion projects yielded capital investment of $826,158,822 (2nd highest year in DCEDC's 35-year history), and the development of 1,901,068 SF (3rd highest year, behind 2021/2020). Job creation since 2020 is more than 1100. We invite you to view Executive Director Paul Borek's annual report by clicking on the embedded link. 2022 Business Development Update.

2023 is on track to be another remarkable year of business development for DeKalb County. Currently, there are six active projects underway, and fifteen other projects in the process. Capital investment is projected to be more than $1.7 billion which should result in 800+ new jobs. Business development contributes to the county tax base, thereby reducing the tax burden from property owners.

These accomplishments have been made possible by significant developer interest, the tremendous amount of DeKalb County competitive advantages, strong incentive programs, expeditious and responsive work by our host communities, and the financial support of our 215+ public/private members.

Our membership campaign is underway. This years' goal is $316,050. DCEDC is grateful for your past and future support. If you are pleased with our work, but have not been a contributing member, or have not returned to membership in the past few years, we warmly welcome you to join existing members as we champion economic development throughout DeKalb County together!

We are including the 2023-member contribution form. We will provide three options. The first option is a fillable PDF form, where you can complete, save, and email us for processing. The second option will be a traditional PDF form where you can print, complete, and mail us for processing. The third option is to visit our secure website and complete the 2023 membership online. Listed at the bottom please find the links.

Should the options not be convenient for you, please feel free to email Karen Hoyle at: [email protected] Please include the following verbiage in your email: Name of the member, primary contact person, preferred listing for web and print materials, email address and name to receive the electronic invoice, and the 2023 membership dollar amount.

For your information, a pledge can be made today with the option to select payment in the first, second, or the third quarter. Once a pledge is received, 2023 member benefits are effective. If you would like to increase this years' contribution, you can even make monthly installments each quarter if that proves to be helpful to your cash flow.

We wish you a year filled with immense success, good health, and prosperity!


Karen K. Hoyle




*DCEDC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Contributions/donations can be tax-deductible as permitted by the IRS.*

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