Transition Information and Support

November 2022


Thank you for visiting our support page. We will frequently update information as we go through this transition. If you did not read the initial message about the change, please review the letter below.

News and Updates

11/2/22 Information sent to families and live sessions begin (see below for details)

11/16/22 Open House event at OMSI to celebrate Evergreen Virtual and provide more support to students and families

We are excited to transition to Evergreen Virtual. We understand that there may be many questions and even concerns, so we hope the information in this site will be helpful to you. Additionally, please feel free to reach out to your student's advisor with any questions.

For a quick overview of the StrongMind platform, click on the video below.

Transition Checklist

Information Sessions

We held information sessions on Thursday, 11/3; and 10:00am on Friday 11/4. These sessions were held in Zoom.

Passcode for Wednesday's session recording is HT!6YH7Z

Passcode for Thursday's session recording is @wS?#T4H

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be a new learning platform and curriculum?

  • Yes. We chose to partner with StrongMind curriculum and will be using a Canvas platform that is designed for Evergreen Virtual Academy.​

How will this impact students & families?

  • We will have improved tools and support with the teachers, institution, and school you love.​

Why now?

  • We worked hard to come to an agreement with our current provider and chose a sustainable path knowing other platforms provide an improved student, parent and teacher experience.​

How long will the transition take?

  • Last day for classes with OLS/OMHS will be November 10th​
  • First day for classes with our new curriculum will be November 14th​

Will Student and Learning Coach training be provided?

  • Yes, informational sessions started on Wednesday, November 2nd  at 5:00 pm. Please see the all-school communication for more details.​
  • November 14th will be our Transition Extravaganza week of orientation training for curriculum access and virtual classroom navigation.​

What does the new curriculum teach?

  • Our curriculum will continue to follow Oregon State Standards ​

How will the school’s transition affect progress in courses?

Elementary School: ​

Elementary learning progress will continue with the homeroom teacher​

Middle School:​

Quarter 1 Grades will average with Quarter 2 grades, leading to a seamless Semester 1 progress report​

High School:​

For most classes, your grade from Quarter 1 will transfer into your new class as a “Quarter 1” grade. You may not see your individual assignment grades. For some other courses, you will get specific information for the assignments. It will be very important over the next couple of weeks to watch for your teacher’s communications on how to best end this term.​

Will materials still be provided?

  • Elementary students will continue to receive supporting materials for some of their courses. Most secondary materials will be online. We will continue to meet individual needs as they arise.​

Will account log-in information change?

  • Yes, there will be new logins with the transition. Training and support will be provided.​

Will we still use Newrow?

  • No. We are excited to share our new Virtual Classroom experience in Big Blue Button with you!​

Will Class Connect schedules change?

  • Our schedules remain the same and you may find the new calendar tool more user friendly for accessing your class connects.​

What kind of supports will be in place for students & families?

  • All staff will continue to be available to support regarding concerns or questions​
  • Spitzer Tech continues to be available for computer/hardware support​
  • StrongMind has a technical support team available if you come across any complications while accessing your classes, submitting work, etc.​

Will this change our accreditation?

  • No. See our all-school communication for more details.​

Will there still be ORventures?

  • Yes, we are excited to be able to once again offer a robust schedule of virtual and in-person ORventures.​

Will students still receive IEP services? 

  • Yes. All IEP services will continue as usual​
  • During the Transition Extravaganza Week instead of your normally scheduled Specially Designed Instruction (SDI), students will be supported by special education teachers within the grade level Orientation sessions or in small group Orientation sessions​
  • During the Transition Extravaganza Week you will have the option to maintain Speech/OT/PT/Counseling/other related services or reschedule them if they conflict with your students Orientation sessions​

Will IEP service providers or Case Managers change? 

  • No. All providers and Case Managers will stay the same ​

Will IEP service schedules change?

  • No. All schedules will stay the same after the transition​

Does the new curriculum have support in other languages?

  • Yes. Strong Mind has translation support in 18 languages ​

Will my student be able to receive IEP or 504 accommodations in the new curriculum? 

  • Yes. Our new learning platform and curriculum has improved functionality to be able to offer all appropriate student accommodations ​

Will my student be able to receive IEP modifications in the new curriculum? 

  • Yes. Our new learning platform and curriculum has improved functionality to modify content to meet each student's IEP needs ​

Will the platform or contact information for speech/OT/PT/Counseling other related services on an IEP change? 

  • No. For speech/OT/PT/Counseling/other related services students will still use the same platform that provider has been using (Typically Zoom) ​
  • No. The contact information you have for your related services provider will remain the same after the transition ​

Will students still receive English Language Development (ELD) services? 

  • Yes. All ELD services will continue as usual​
  • During the Transition Extravaganza Week instead of your normally scheduled ELD, students will be supported by the English Learner Coordinator within the grade level Orientation sessions or in small group Orientation sessions on an as needed basis​

Will my students English Language Development (ELD) curriculum change?

  • No. These programs were always separate from our general education curriculum provider and they will remain the same ​

Will my students Functional Academics and Life Skills curriculum change?

  • No. These programs were always separate from our general education curriculum provider and they will remain the same ​

Will my students Resource Room Specially Designed Instruction curriculum change?

  • We use many supplemental programs to support our resource room SDI, these programs were always separate from our general education curriculum provider and they will remain the same. Sometimes SDI lessons are built to match and support what the student is doing in the General Education classroom. In these instances, the Special Education Teacher will design lessons that support what your student is working on in the new curriculum.​

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