Here is an Excellent Way Help Raise Funds for Your Dance Group or Church and to also Support...

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... with an Eco-Friendly Way to Show That You Care About Sustainability and the Environment too.

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Since February 22, 2022 when Russia declared a senseless war on Ukraine, we have all been saddened by the horror and devastation that is happening to our fellow Ukrainians. They are in desperate need of financial support now - and for many years to come

We need to step up and seriously find new ways to create a constant revenue stream that will fund them to restore the beauty of our "homeland". We can’t just rely on those who can afford to make donations, and with so many other groups competing for the same dollar, this has left many of our other cultural groups without the funds they the need to operate. This includes your local

Ukrainian Dance Group and Churches

Unfortunately, with the ever increasing inflation, it is getting more difficult for parents to find the money needed to be able to continue to keep your Dance Group active. Here is a creative and useful household way to help raise funds for your various costs to operate.

Kwik BagIt Products International Inc. is a Saskatoon company that has a solution to this problem and it should be considered by all Ukrainian Dance Groups and Churches in Canada.

With the help of your members we all can contribute by getting involved to raise funds for your own group, to participate in an ec0-friendly purpose, and to also make a donation to help Ukraine.

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The "Kwik BagIt System" is a Saskatchewan Innovation developed by Harold Sokyrka of Saskatoon. His Mission is to eliminate single-use plastic bags that are plugging up our landfills and threatening our health and the Eco-system.

We are introducing a "Special Edition" Eco-Friendly Recycling Bag which is reusable, washable and recyclable and EVERYONE can use them daily.

They are perfect for the collection of your refundable beverage containers metal that are normally taken to your local recycling depots.

Sadly, most people collect their cans and bottles in single-use plastic bags which rarely can be reused because they attract insects and they are sticky to handle. These bags are also very difficult to recycle & recycling depots actually just sent them to the the local landfills.


This has to STOP if we want to achieve Net Zero Plastic by 2030 as projected by Environment Canada.

The Kwik BagIt System is perfect to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bags & to also reduce the amount of trips that you will make to the Depot, because these bags will hold the equivalent of 3 large plastic bags.

This is is an excellent way for to help raise money for your dance group or church, as well as showing that you are concerned about proper recycling and the environment.

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The Durable, washable,reusable Bags will hold the equivalent of 3 large single-use plastic bags. They can hang on a wall in your storage room or garage. Perfect for taking your cans and bottles to the recycling depot.

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Kwik BagIt also has a portable stand that takes up very little space The legs and rails are adjustable and the bags can hang on the rails.

The stand can also be used for yard work cleanup and for your motor home or out door excursions.

Blue Bin .png

If you keep your curbside blue bin

in the garage, the bags can hang on the sides of the bin.

They take up very little space as the walls are only 5" deep.

The size of the bag is 40" Tall and 28" Wide.

This "Special Edition Bag is available to Ukrainian Dance Groups who are trying to figure out different ways to raise funds for your expenses like instructors fees,

space rental, and costumes as well as for Ukraine .

Your group logo will be placed on the bag to help to promote the campaign in your local market.

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There is also a space that will be provided for your group to indicate which Registered Foundation that you would like to support.

Here is how the funds are raised ...

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If your group would like to use this landing page to send to your friends and neighbours, using your own Dance Groups or Church Logo contact

HAROLD SOKYRKA 1-306-717-3895

or E-mail: