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Renowned Hypnotic Weight Management Program Utilizing The Power Of Your Own Subconscious Mind To:

1-) Identify and Release the Self-Limiting Beliefs That Have Kept You From Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight!

2-) Permanently Eliminate Unhealthy Food Cravings!

3-) Rebalance Your Metabolism and Convince It To Behave Like A Child Again!

4-) Install Healthy New Beliefs, Increase Your Self-Confidence and Reinstall Love For Yourself and Your Body!


This Revolutionary Weight Management Program Includes:

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3 Individual One-on-One Hypnotherapy Sessions

(In Office or Online)

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3 Personalized Hypnotic Audio Recordings

21 Day Continuous Email/Phone Support


Accountability Journal +

Membership in Private Facebook Group

What Is Hypnosis For Weight Loss- And Does It Work?

Sorry, no one's going to tell you that you're feeling sleepy.

published June 28, 2019 OPRAH Magazine

When it comes to losing weight, you already know about the usual go-to professionals: doctors, nutritionists and dietitians, personal trainers, even mental health coaches. But there may be one you haven’t quite thought of yet: a hypnotist.

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Space Limited Due to Personalized 1:1 Nature of Program

So Book Your DISCOVERY CALL Today!

Program offered is $680.00 between November 30th and December 31st, 2020. Rates increase January 1st, 2021

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