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Mama Gloria is a powerful, uplifting, and highly-acclaimed film, beautifully narrated by Mama Gloria herself. We are incredibly grateful to the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Desert for selecting Safe Schools Desert Cities as the beneficiary of the Mama Gloria viewing/fundraising event.”

—Eric Ornelas, President, Safe Schools Desert Cities

Join the Coachella Valley LGBTQ Community and Allies for a Movie and a Panel Discussion

Meet Mama Gloria, discuss the movie with the director, Luchina Fisher and Lisa Middleton following the online screening.

Saturday May 15 @ 2 - 4 pm

Tickets $10

Additional Donations Accepted

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Lisa Middleton

Trans Rights Activist and

Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem

Official Trailer

Mama Gloria

A Documentary Film

Directed by Luchina Fisher


Mama Gloria is a feature documentary about Gloria Allen, a trailblazing 74-year-old Black transgender activist who started a charm school for homeless trans youth and is now aging with joy and grace. It is the story of a mother’s love -- the love that Gloria’s mother had for her and the love that Gloria has for her chosen children. And it is fueled by the love that filmmaker Luchina Fisher has for her teenage transgender daughter, Gia.

At a time when Black transgender women face escalating violence and make up the majority of transgender people murdered each year, Gloria’s story is an inspiring portrait of aging seldom seen.

Director's Statement

I was introduced to Gloria because she was looking for someone to help her write her memoir. But after meeting her, I knew that her story would speak to people, because it spoke to me.

As a Black woman filmmaker raising a biracial transgen­der daughter, I see Gloria’s story through a unique lens. For me, it’s personal and it’s urgent. One day while I was filming Gloria in Chicago, my daughter sent me a text say­ing that her life was “half way done.” Gia had read online that the average life expectan­cy for a Black trans woman in Washington D.C., was 32. It was at that moment that I truly understood why I am making this film.

It’s a gift that I want to show my daughter and other young trans people -- so they can imagine themselves growing old and having a long, mean­ingful life. 

~ Luchina Fisher

You will receive your ticket link in a separate email

Complimentary tickets for students are available at gloria@safeschools.org

All proceeds for this fundraiser go to Safe Schools Desert Cities. Your donation will be used in the general fund for program expenses and annual events, such as Pride Prom, Rainbow Youth Summit, and the Youth Zone @ Palm Springs Pride.

Safe Schools Desert Cities empowers area Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex youth (LGBTQI+), their allies and GSA advisors and offers opportunities that foster a sense of community and individual growth by providing education, guidance, advocacy, resources, recreational activities and opportunities for self expression.


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