LED Grow Lights

LED 2x2 High Bay Troffer Lights by Apex Grow Lights, Powered by Titan LED


LED Grow lights are an essential, yet tricky part of your indoor horticulture needs, whether you use them in a consumer or commercial setting. Titan LED understands the need for premium LED grow lights that increase yield, while saving you energy and reduce heat, giving you the best grow light and opportunity for increased revenue and quality plant life for your Horticulture business.

Titan LED Grow Lights come in a 300 Series, 600 Series and an LED Grow Light Tube! Start your business Horticulture growth with Apex Grow Lights, a company powered and backed by TItan LED.

Apex Grow Lights | Commercial LED Lighting

Apex Grow Lights, powered by Titan LED, is your source for premium LED Grow Lights. Apex Grow Lights provides Premiere LED lighting solutions, perfect for industrial and commercial LED lighting needs. Work with an agent today to start your free light audit/analysis. Titan LED is proud to power Apex Grow Lights to provide American made products, American manufactured, and American owned. Our mission is to provide you and your business with the best quality, longest lasting, and cost effective commercial LED lighting in the industry. 

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