GHNA and Crime Watch/ENP Membership Dues By Credit Card

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Residents who live in Greenland Hills, whether leasing or owning their home, may become a member of the Greenland Hills Neighborhood Association [GHNA]!

At only $25 a year, your GHNA membership supports a great deal! Your GHNA membership funds our ability to maintain our website, membership database, communication channels, issue auto identification stickers, maintain antique lighting, hold holiday parades, festivals, events and more!

The Greenland Hills Crime Watch helps keep our neighborhood safe by coordinating Extended Neighborhood Patrols by off-duty Dallas police officers who network with our neighborhood to ensure, when necessary, GH residents are aware of criminal and suspicious activity. We aim to facilitate an active, close community of neighbors who know each other and have an interest in keeping the neighborhood friendly and crime-free.

The GHNA Crime Watch/ENP program is a membership based program of $200 per year.


To Pay Your Dues By Credit Card


GHNA Membership


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Crime Watch/ENP



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Combined GHNA and Crime Watch/ ENP Membership

(GHNA membership discounted $5)


2022 Membership Renewal Is OPEN

We know we can make a real difference together.

Become a Member of GHNA and Crime Watch TODAY!

One hundred percent of your Crime Watch membership dues goes towards the ENP program, funding our extended neighborhood patrols and its dedicated resources.

The annual budget of our patrol schedule depends on membership participation.

Each membership funds approximately 4 hours of patrols.

Mid-year memberships are appreciated as they increase our annual budget for ENP patrol hours!!

Mid-year dues are not prorated.

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