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The second annual Digital Transformation Virtual Summit focused on the new normal we have been faced with and how businesses are using digital transformation to adapt to the new reality. See below for the agenda for the 2021 Digital Transformation Virtual Summit.

Did you missed the live summit? Click below to watch the sessions.


9:00 AM to 9:15 AM | Welcome remarks

  • Marty Rosendale, CEO, Maryland Tech Council
  • Todd Marks, Chairman, Maryland Tech Council and CEO, Mindgrub Technologies

9:15 AM to 10:00 AM | Keynote Session – Security in a Digital World

How do we achieve security in a digital world? Innovations in information technology and IoT have aided in solving difficult challenges but they have also presented new problems. Organizations need to adapt quickly to protect security and privacy. Join executives from the technology and healthcare industries for an engaging conversation on evolving in a digital world.


  • Dan Dunkers, CIO, John Hopkins Healthcare
  • Robert Head, Vice President - State, Local and PAC Affairs, Lockheed Martin Government Affairs


  • Marty Rosendale, CEO, Maryland Tech Council

10:25 AM to 11:25 AM | Session A

Innovation for the New Normal: The acceleration of digital transformation in 2020

COVID-19 expedited digital transformation across all industries in 2020. What have we learned from our experiences over the last year and what do we need to revisit? This session will discuss best practices and lessons learned from expediting digital transformation, touching on how the workforce was impacted and what digital transformation will look like post COVID-19.


  • Dorothy Kookaby, Senior Principal HR Business Partner, Dovel Technologies
  • Brian Price, CEO and Co-Founder,
  • Wolf Ruzicka, Chairman, EastBanc Technologies


  • Mark Rieder, Head of Innovation, NFP

11:35 AM to 12:35 PM | Session B

Creating a Culture of Security for Your Employees

People are often the greatest security vulnerability in an organization. Employee education and policies are integral to keeping your company secure. Join top cybersecurity professionals to hear how creating a culture of security for your employees can help eliminate some of the greatest risks your company faces.


  • Rob Chee, Director of Security, Iron Bow Technologies
  • Brian Dykstra, President and CEO, Atlanta Data Forensics
  • David Tohn, CEO, BTS Software Solutions


  • Ben Schmerler, Director of Strategic Operations, DP Solutions

1:00 PM to 1:15 PM | Thought Leadership Lightning Round

Can Your Company Culture Be Virtual?

Presented by

Most business leaders know that a strong and vibrant company culture is key to organizational success. Creating a strong culture when your team is typically together in an office is a challenge. With a remote workforce increasingly more common, it can feel downright impossible to maintain or enhance your company culture. In this session, learn the techniques used to maintain a strong culture in 2020 and see the cost and the value of these techniques. We'll cover:  

  • The importance of collaboration, communication, and engagement to your company culture
  • The tools and methods uses to address these three areas
  • The cost of implementing (or not implementing) culture drivers within your organization

Presenter: John Lynch, COO,

1:20 PM to 1:35 PM | Thought Leadership Lightning Round

Privacy Compliance as an Opportunity to Bring Cost Efficiencies in Digital Transformation

Presented by Ardent Privacy

With increased adoption of consumer privacy regulations in United States and globally, it is pivotal for enterprises to consider data privacy in digital transformation projects. After California privacy law/ CPRA passed last year, Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) was signed into law this month. While privacy compliance looks like another responsibility/overhead, it can be turned into opportunity to bring efficiencies in cloud transformation journey and save cost. Sameer Ahirrao, CEO of Ardent Privacy will give primer on effective steps to privacy compliance and how to use this as opportunity to optimize the data management process.

  1. Impact of Privacy regulations and steps to comply efficiently.
  2. Consider Data Hoarding as legal liability (Consumer data accountability and transparency)
  3. Controlling data deluge with data minimization, PbD and how to reduce your regulatory risk.
  4. Direct cost savings in Cloud Transformation Projects: Know your data, minimize the excess, and establish governance.

Presenter: Sameer Ahirrao, CEO, Ardent Privacy

1:40 PM to 1:55 PM | Thought Leadership Lightning Round

Cybernics Digital Technology in the time of COVID-19

Presented by JETRO New York Kanagawa Division

CYBERDYNE is creating a new industry called "Cybernics Industry,"

which is an interaction of humans, robots, and IoH/IoT to solve problems that human societies are facing. To approach this problem, various fields such as medicine, welfare, workplaces, industry production and households are connected through Cybernics Digital Technology. We found that the changes in social structure due to the pandemic of COVID-19 provides the opportunity to accelerate the development of the Cybernics Industry. Under the keywords of "Remote", "Home" and "Digital", CYBERDYNE is providing new services to realize the fusion of Human + Cyber/Physical space.


  • Yoshiyuki Sankai, President and CEO, CYBERDYNE Inc.
  • Chiyo Kobayashi, Co-CEO, Washington CORE

2:00 PM to 2:15 PM | Thought Leadership Lightning Round

Leveraging Rapid Responses in a Post-Pandemic World

Presented by Momentum Inc.

With the COVID pandemic, many organizations initiated rapid changes to adapt to the new environment. How can organizations take the lessons learned from these rapid changes and incorporate them in a post-pandemic world? We’ll look at several examples that highlight flexibility, team growth, and a focus on outcomes to achieve faster results.

Presenter: Matt Houtz, Senior Consultant, Momentum Inc.

DAY 2 • THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 2021

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM | Keynote session

The Journey of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Join Josh Silverman, Senior Vice President of Transformation at Versant Health as he reflects on Versant Health’s transformation journey over the last three years. Hear about the changes that took place to their technology and business during the transformation. Josh will also discuss the use of low code and no code solutions that are poised to disrupt the software development life cycle.

Keynote speaker:

  • Josh Silverman, Senior Vice President of Transformation at Versant Health


  • Brian Levine, Vice President of Technology and Innovation, Maryland Tech Council

10:10 AM to 11:10 AM | Session C

Erasing the Digital Divide

The global pandemic has magnified internet inequities across the country. Over the past year, millions of Americans have been forced to work from home or attend virtual school and many have been left behind due to unreliable or unaffordable internet. Our panel of experts will review the steps that have been taken in Baltimore City and throughout Maryland to achieve digital equity as well as explore the work that still needs to be done.


  • Misty Allen, VP of Government & Regulatory Affairs & Community Investment, Beltway Region, Comcast
  • John Foster, Partner and COO, Fearless
  • Chrissie Powell, Executive Director, Byte Back Baltimore; Co-founder, Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition


  • Mary Miller, Senior Fellow, John Hopkins University 21st Century Cities Initiative

11:20 AM to 12:20 PM | Session D

5G and Emerging Technologies

5G has the capability to revolutionize the technology industry with improved network capacity and speed. How will 5G impact other emerging technologies such as telehealth, autonomous cars and smart cities? Join this session to find out how 5G can unlock innovative technologies, create new jobs and boost the economy.


  • Bill Cune, Vice President, Network Architecture, Corning Optical Communications
  • Murat Erkam, Director for Technology Strategy, Crown Castle
  • LaTara Harris, Regional Director-External & Legislative Affairs DC/MD/VA, AT&T


  • Michael Foss, Practice Manager, Wireless, Vision Technologies

1:00 PM to 1:15 PM | Thought Leadership Lightning Round

State of the Hack and Insuring the Attack

Presented by NFP

This lightning round session will be hosted by Evan Taylor, a Senior Vice President in NFP’s Property & Casualty group. Prior to NFP, Evan spent 6 years with the FBI investigating cyber matters.

In this session, Evan is going to provide an overview of today’s attackers, considerations for mitigating cyber risk, cyber liability insurance trends and implications of COVID on organizational cyber security risk.

Presenter: Evan Taylor, Senior Vice President, NFP

1:20 PM to 1:35 PM | Thought Leadership Lightning Round

Digital CX Methods: How innovation teams can transform experiences through technology

Presented by Celerity

Technologists and innovation teams are often removed from product/services locations. Bringing customer experiences to decision makers via digital helps drive focus and understanding with a human-centered approach.

Presenter: Aaron Kennelly, Customer Experience, Celerity

1:40 PM to 1:55 PM | Thought Leadership Lightning Round

Pitching Tech Startups

Presented by Maryland Innovation Center

Ron Gula will discuss five basic questions you should use to describe your tech startup to investors, employees, media and potential customers. if you can answer these questions, you should consider starting a tech company or even raising money from investors.


  • Ron Gula, President, Gula Tech Adventures
  • Chuck Bubeck, Executive Director, Maryland Innovation Center