Couples Tantra Workshop:Recess

The Couples Tantra Workshop: Recess, Guided Erotic Touch Expereience

is a unique afternoon couples event.

We invite couples to delve into the world of pleasure and connection through

energy, touch and sensation.

Led by Johnny Vajra and Stacie Ysidro,

Certified Erotic Blueprint(™) Coaches,

Couples are guided through a series of

sensual and erotic touch techniques, and sensation item play aimed at

deepening their pleasure, emotional and physical bonds.

The event provides a nonjudgmental, comfortable and respectful setting

for couples to explore intimacy

 through touch and sensation. Participants learn communication enhancing

techniques that create mutual understanding. This experience offers a

safe space for couples to rediscover each other and celebrate their connection in a

fun and meaningful way.

Doors open at 2:45pm for reception 

Start time 3pm

Entry Doors close at 3:10pm to ensure an ideal experience for everyone present. 

What we do

  • Container setting
  • Blueprint(™) touches
  • Explore sensation items
  • yoni and lingam tantric touch
  • Each person gets a turn to be in active (give touch) and passive roles ( Receive touch)
  • Live real time demos 
  • Answer questions
  • Have fun

Practice Portion of event

  • clothing optional 
  • or wear a bathing suit or pasties 
  • a robe or sarong

Flow of event

Meet and greet, intros intention

Doors open at 2:45 pm for reception 

Start time 3pm

Entry Doors close at 3:10pm to ensure an ideal experience for everyone present. 

  • Container
  • Pleasure first
  • Introductions
  • Person 1 on the table 
  • Container 
  • Practice
  • After care and Bio break
  • Person 2 on the table
  • Container
  • Practice
  • Aftercare bio break
  • Closing: winsite or learning 
  • Social, clean up

What is the difference between this, CTW and CTN?

Both events are similar in content and flow. Main difference is time of day,

this is afternoon delight! Another point of difference is we are limiting the

Couples Tantra Workshop to 3 couples max! 

You will be able to ask questions in real time, get more personalized support

because of the limited number of participants.

Couples Temple Night is a max 7 couples.

This is a discrete setting to explore, learn, have fun and connect with your partner

and other couples with similar interests. 

Do we get to/have to touch people, other than our partner?

No, the event is not intended to position you to have to have

physical interaction with other couples....and if you do with consent that's ok.

This experience is created for you and your partner to share.

Everything is based on consent

Can we be naked in front of other people?

Yes the event is clothing optional, you can dress, down or not at all.

You can change into something more comfortable when you arrive if desired.

The Experience is Guided:

Meaning, there is a demo with instruction in real time,

you can follow along or do your own thing based on

your own comfort level and consent.

What's the difference between the sensual massage class and this?

The Sensual Massage class is instructed by a licensed massage therapist

and there is NO sx ual touch, max 8 couples, (it is not 'guided' it is instructed).

Couples Tantra Workshop:

Recess, Guided Touch Experience includes sx ual touch,

explicit demos and explicit language.

We give suggestions, instructions, ideas and techniques you can try in real time or

do something else that resonates with you.

We will have complimentary wine, water, tea.

With light snacks, fruit

You were also welcome to bring something to snack on or a favorite beverage of choice.

We also have a gift bag for each couple to use at the events or on your own time.

RSVP on Eventbrite or

email [email protected] the venmo @Ravanela

to avoid fees

Doors open at 2:45pm for reception 

Start time 3pm

Entry Doors close at 3:10pm to ensure an ideal experience for everyone present.

What to bring

  • Fave blanket, pillow or 'nest' items 
  • Robe
  • Toys, sensation items
  • If you have a favorite massage oil (coconut oil will be provided)
  • Beverage or snack you will want 
  • Towle or wet blanket 
  • Any 'after care' items you want.
  • Any "power items" that create a safe, empowered and/or sexy vibe and or that has special meaning to you in the realm of spirituality, sexuality, pleasure, love, fun enjoyment, peace, safety, empowerment, confidence, knowing trust, joy, purpose, power…you get the idea
  • Wear a fun outfit, accessories, jewelry,
  • Favorite crystals if you are energetic
  • Journal 
  • Flat sheet or sarang

Who its for

  • Try new things 
  • Love touch and massage
  • Find what you like
  • Learn to set Container/create safety in self 
  • Connect with others with similar interests 
  • Participate in community 
  • Want to explore with your partner
  • Want to participate in a clothing optional experience
  • Have fun
  • Improve communication 
  • Deepen intimacy 
  • Build trust 
  • Need a date night 

Who it's NOT for/what it's not

  • Not A play party or swinger party
  • Don't want to be around other people
  • Don't want to be in a clothing optional situation/see nude or partial nudity 
  • Are a NO to explicit sexual language and content
  • Under 21
  • Are not a full YES

We are not licensed massage therapists. All suggestions and recommendations are for

 self care and personal use only. 

If you are interested in professional massage therapy we recommend Melania Mercedes, 

Melainias Healing Edge.