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January 2021

Welcome to Our HeartMind Adventure!

Our HeartMind Adventure activities give you a way to understand more about the value of "Our 5Cs"—consciousness, compassion, confidence, courage, and community. This month, we're focusing on "equity consciousness." We use this phrase to point to intentional awareness of equity concerns and how to repair equity through instruction, school policies, and classroom interactions.

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Step One: Observe

As you listen to news— it could be politics, it could be information on equity related to COVID relief funds or vaccines, it could be how communities of color are faring, or it could be related to equitable distribution of resources and technology to support online learning—what are you noticing?

As you talk with others about local, national, and international needs and events, how is equity or inequity revealed in these conversations?

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Step Two: Reflect

Over the course of the next month, take time to consciously reflect. Where were equity and inequity obvious? Where did it exist between the lines, revealed when you slowed down to truly listen? Where did you see or hear evidence of racism or injustice? 

  • Were these subtle or blatant examples of racism or injustice?
  • How were these examples addressed?
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Step Three: Deepen Your Understanding

As you reach conclusions about equity, racism, and justice, ask yourself these questions:

  • When have I (intentionally or unintentionally) contributed to racism or injustice? How can I handle situations differently in the future?
  • Have I contributed to bringing about equity and justice? How can I continue to do so?
  • What else is needed? What role do I have to play?

Keeping the 5Cs in your Heart and Mind

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What are your takeaways from this step on our HeartMind Adventure?

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Journal: As you observe and reflect, take time periodically to write a few notes, perhaps noting some positive and negative events or circumstances. Consider students in your class or school. How do the events you have described impact them?

Discuss your thoughts and feelings as you explore our HeartMind Adventure this month.

Stay posted for next month's HeartMind Adventure.