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*Average amount of weight decrease is 32.4lb, or 15kg in 12 weeks

**Maximum decrease so far is 58lbs; minimum was 16lbs

***Must be at least 30lbs overweight to qualify

If you are receiving this information, then you have been pre-selected. Still subject to final approval.

12 Week Healthy Eating and Body Image Recovery Program with

Kryssa Marie Bowman, RTTP CHyp


Use the Power Of Your Own Subconscious Mind To:

1-) Identify your particular food sensitivities with Dr Lou Walters, ND of The Source Wellness Center

2-) Discover and Release the Self-Limiting Beliefs That Have Kept You From Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

3-) Permanently Eliminate Unhealthy Food Cravings!

4-) Rebalance Your Metabolism and Reset Cortisol and Insulin Levels.

5-) Install Healthy New Beliefs, Increase Flexibility, Self-Confidence and Reinstall Love For Yourself and Your Body with Yoga-Hypnosis Master Diana Harks!

6-) Join a private and supportive Facebook community group of others on the same journey.

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1 Wellness Session and Nutrition Counseling +

1 Follow Up with Dr. Lou Walters, ND =normally $300

1 Food Sensitivities Lab Work =normally $259

3 Individual One-on-One Hypnotherapy Sessions with Kryssa

Ongoing Hypnocoaching, including group Zoom sessions, journal prompts, text email and phone support for 12 Weeks = normally $1680

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3 Personalized Hypnotic Audio Recordings =normally $79 each, total of $237

Bi-Weekly Group Zoom Meetings Inside Private Facebook Group

1 Yoga-Hypnosis Session with Diana Harks including

1 Yoga Flow Class (recorded) +

1 Yin Yoga Class (recorded) with Personalized Mantra's + Follow Up and Ongoing Support =normally $420


S.M.A.R.T. Accountability Journal = normally $15.00

1 Paperback Copy of

Eat To Live by Dr. Fuhrman = $17.99

Membership in Private, Supportive Facebook Community Group = Free

Shrink Me! Program = $2400

Every Morning: You set your intention for the day in your Accountability Journal and track your S.M.A.R.T. progress (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic)

Every Meal: You squeeze your fist to remind your stomach of how much food it actually needs, and repeat a hypnotic mantra that installs self-love, appreciation for nourishing foods and boosts your metabolism.

Every Evening: You listen to your personalized hypnotic audio recordings that bring your conscious and subconscious mind into complete alignment , and it also helps you get a wonderful nights sleep every night!

No Dieting. No Calorie Counting. No Macros. No Guilt. No Shame.

100% purely positive resources, tools and empowering beliefs!

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Space Limited Due to Personalized Nature of Program

Program offered is $2400.00, discounts may apply depending on circumstances. Must be approved. Not suitable for everyone.

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* Intake session with Kryssa and lab test mailed out.

* RTT Hypnotherapy session to find core issues.

* Diagnosis of lab tests and nutritional counseling with Dr. Lou Walters, ND

* Mindscaping session to overcome obstacles to achieving your ideal weight, size and shape.

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* Yoga-Hypnosis with Diana Harks and personalized, recorded yoga classes

* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coaching session with Kryssa real world tools you can use to crush food cravings forever.

* Cellular Command Hypnotherapy Session with Kryssa to reset and rebalance your metabolism with audio recording.


* RTT Hypnotherapy session with Kryssa to install self-love and heal your body image issues with audio recording.

*Weekly journal prompts and ongoing support from our entire team to keep you on track and motivated to heal your relationship with food and your body.

We Give You Every Tool You Need to Continue On This Journey of Self-Love, Self-Honor, Self-Acceptance and Living YOUR Best Life!

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