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Evolving Workplace Identity

Historically, when applications and data were on-premise, the identities for your workforce were on-premise as well. And that was predominantly stored in active directory.

As companies move to the cloud, they need a bridge. They need a layer to connect all of their employee identities, which are still on-premise in something like Active Directory, to all their cloud based applications. Okta serves as that function. And what Okta does is not just connect users to these applications, Okta synchronizes information between these cloud-based applications and on-premise systems.

Okta can connect them, not just to their cloud applications, but also to the workforce to IOT-based applications, to API-based applications. Eventually, Okta will be able to connect organizations to each other. That's how workforce identity is ever evolving.

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Tune into our Digital Ascendancy podcast series and hear from an Okta representative about the groundbreaking advances they are making in identity management.

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Welcome to Okta! Learn more about Okta, who they are, what they value, and why they are an industry leader in identity management.



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