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We are Delighted to Showcase Sustainability Focused Brands.

Pro Brew recognizes our suppliers and their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint by using renewable energy, reducing waste, as well as promoting diversity and fairness in their workforce, and enacting policies that benefit the local community.

Poly Keg One way Kegs

One Way Keg - Fully Recyclable

One way kegs are the industry standard in Europe - it

just makes sense - you don't have to pay for an expensive keg washer, or employee's time to keep up the kegs. PolyKegs are delivered sanitized, and pre-flushed with Nitrogen, ready to be filled with your delightful beer. Send them out and move on to the next project in the brewhouse. Never have to worry about cooperage return logistics again. It also feels good that every piece of a PolyKeg is recyclable for the end consumer (some easy disassembly required.)

PolyKeg, with the PolyKeg PRO kegs, has been selected as one of the most sustainable companies in Italy at the CONAI 2022 competition, gaining the highest score of all the participants. The CONAI Competition for Prevention is part of the wider project “Think Future” that brings together different topics relating to preventing the impact packaging has on the environment. 

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Muntons - Decarbonizing from grain to glass

Muntons created the first malting barley carbon calculator that gives data and knowledge to meaningfully impact the malt supply chain. It has tremendously helped Muntons focus on the areas that would make the most significant difference to Green House Gas Emissions.

The calculator, plus a full scope of upgrades and initiatives in their business has earned them a spot on the EcoVadis Top 100 Manufacturers list for leadership in sustainability.

Muntons latest installation is biomass boiler that provides sustainable heat and steam that keeps their plant humming along, while co-generating electricity and reducing

reliance on grid energy.

When you pull the string on that malt bag, rest assured, a full team of passionate people have been striving to make the best possible malt while working towards a science-based target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45%, based on 2010 levels, by 2025.

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IREKS sees the UN Sustainable

Development Goals as a guide for their company group. They rely on well-developed energy management and new goals that are regularly set with partners and they continue to apply technical know-how to further develop production improvements in a sustainable manner.

IREKS lives sustainability. They are committed to sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues, customers and business partners and want to exert positive influence on the industry.



Malteurop fully subscribes to the

commitments made by world leaders at the COP21 (Conference of the Parties), in Paris in 2015. They strive towards this every day, locally, in their 14 countries, and globally, to ensure consistent practices, equal opportunity treatment for all, and transparency. Malteurop looks beyond the scope of the business by encouraging sustainable agriculture as well as sustainable sourcing, and extensive research on barley varieties.

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Castle Malting

Castle Malt believes in preserving a healthy planet for the future generations. They make regular evaluations of environmental performance and strive to further enhance our ecological efficiency. Castle Malt fosters a malting manufacturing process, that from the very beginning to the very end, is respectful of the environment.

Castle Malting notes several environmental practices that uphold their sustainability charter such as:

  • Using a CHP Process to produce electricity and heat from malt kilning.
  • Heat Collection at the malt roasting stage.
  • Reception of barley by barges in order to minimize environmental impact
  • The installation of a waste biomethonation unit.

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Pro Brew Supply believes that supplying breweries is more than just selling hops and grain. We are here to help you make the best of your business. We consider ourselves brewery consultants with a focus on the growth and development of smaller breweries and brewpubs. Whether you need a fitting, part, brewery hosing, ingredients, or cleaning supplies, we have the experience and products to help you make the best use of your brewery to keep your business successful. We are here for you. We are here to help. We want you to be able to relax and focus on brewing the best beer possible for your customers!

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