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Get Affordable Housing Now!

Are you looking for affordable housing in the City of Chicago? Look no further, as the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund now has open enrollment funding available. Visit our website,, for more details.

2022-2023 Income Eligibility Limits

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Rental Subsidy Program - Subsidies are provided to the landlord to enable them to offer affordable housing to tenants.

  • Eligible landlords will receive a payment from CLIHTF, three months in advance for each quarter.
  • The subsidy (which is paid directly to the landlord) is designed to bridge the gap between market rate rent and the amount that the tenant can pay, based on their income
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Eligibility Requirements

  • Eligible tenants must be at or below 30% of the Area Median Income for the city of Chicago. Check our Income Eligibility limits above.
  • The unit size must be compatible with household size. For ex., one bedroom for one person.
  • The building has to pass housing quality standards inspection.
  • Eligible rental units must be located unit in the City of Chicago. Properties outside of city limits are not eligible for the program.
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Next Steps

  • Find an eligible landlord or bring your current landlord on board.
  • Send CLIHTF an email with valid contact information for your current landlord or potential landlord.
  • Email us at [email protected]

Open Enrollment Funding Available!

Work directly with property owners to establish rent affordable for you !

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