A Central Nebraska Success Story!

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Donna Buschkoetter

Technology Specialist

Assistive Technology Partnership Kearney Office

"The modifications described below provided the consumer independence and eliminated the need to hire more state-funded caregivers to help him."


A consumer from central Nebraska faced several daily challenges to maintain his independence. His brittle bones and Scoliosis resulted in poor balance. He also has limited use of his right arm, making it difficult to grasp and hold on to anything.

The first challenge was maneuvering his wheelchair through the bathroom door. The limited space in the bathroom made accessing the shower impossible without the assistance of his parents or a caregiver.

After my assessment, I recommended widening the doorway and installing a barrier-free shower with grab bars. These modifications provide easy and safe access and prevents falls. A wall mounted sink also provides access for personal hygiene.

A higher toilet accompanied with an adjacent grab bar makes transfers possible.

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