Microsoft Education is the best choice to deliver the

outcomes your school needs, Windows 10 devices are affordable and support a variety of learning styles.

Face the challenges of remote learning head-on.

Microsoft has partnered with organizations deeply invested in education worldwide and remains committed to keeping students and teachers safe, protected, and connected.

  • 1,000+ free learning paths to help teach technology skills
  • 150M+ students, faculty, and teachers using Microsoft Education products worldwide

Watch Our Latest Podcast with Members of the Microsoft Education team. Learn more about the amazing features of the Microsoft Education platform and some features you might have missed that you already have access to.

Make it easier for teachers

  • Microsoft provides intuitive, integrated tools across many applications that are used every day. These tools can reduce training time and make troubleshooting easier.
  • Microsoft Teams users were on average 25% more likely to feel confident that students with special accessibility needs are having their needs met.
  • Microsoft has help[teachers save up to 216 hours a year to focus more on improving student outcomes.

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Have confidence your students are protected

  • Microsoft provides more education-focused capabilities for Student Safety, Information Protection and Governance, and Campus Security
  • Recognized as a leader by Gartner in five different security areas

Microsoft believes privacy is a fundamental right and is dedicated to helping create a safe and engaging learning environment, meet privacy standards, and ensure continuous compliance for your institution. As part of their commitment, Microsoft will never share or use student data for marketing, advertising, or other commercial purposes. 

Improve learning with solutions designed for students and teachers

  • 42% of Teams user were more likely to collaborate with their peers.
  • Teachers who use Teams are 23% more confident in their ability to assess learning outcomes while teaching remotely.

Microsoft customers have seen $50 in IT savings per student per year due to M365's student use benefits. Over three years, M365 assistive technologies delivered a total value of $5.4M for a school district of 60K students.