DO YOU want to overcome the frustration of not finding time for Bible study?

DO YOU desire to have a deeper understanding of the Bible?

DO YOU wonder if others are able to study the Bible in ways you cannot?

WOULD IT be easier for you to study the Bible if you had a group of friends who studied with you?



What is Steady On University?

SOU is an online Bible study community.

SOU is designed for people who want to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and appreciate the encouragement and accountability studying with others can provide. Original Bible studies using the Step By Step Bible study method will be dripped out one lesson per week.

Additional elements of the community will include:

  • Live, interactive Bible study on each week's lesson
  • Study hours with a mentor trained in the Step By Step Bible study method
  • Weekly accountability check-ins and wrap-ups from Angie
  • Monthly special guests teaching on how studying the Bible transformed their lives

What does community mean?

Community means connecting with others who are passionate about the Word of God.

SOU will utilize the Circle platform for information and interaction. It will be similar to a Facebook group, but with additional features and off social media. Circle will house the Bible lessons, the links to connect to live events, and the interaction between members and mentors. It will also offer a membership directory to make it easy to get to know community members.

What is a beta team member?

A beta team member samples a product or service before it is open to others.

The beta team for SOU will engage in all aspects of the community, study, and resources and provide suggestions for improvement to strengthen the experience for others.

What will the beta team study?

The study will focus on verses from Psalm 139.

Angie has written four lessons specifically for the beta team. Each lesson looks at a verse from Psalm 139 and includes guided prayers, a Step By Step study, a devotion from Angie, and a podcast with Angie and a guest. You can preview the first lesson here.

Who is the founder and host of SOU?

Hello, I'm Angie Baughman.

I am a pastor, Bible teacher, podcaster, author, speaker, founder of Steady On, and creator of the Step By Step Bible study method. Yes, I know! That's a lot of job titles.

More than all that, though, I am a woman who has been touched by the hand of God through Bible study.

I began seriously studying the Bible in 2000 when I was introduced to inductive Bible studies offered through Precept ministries. I later became certified to teach Precept classes and have led hundreds of Bible study classes over the past two decades.

In all that studying and teaching, here's what I know to be true:

  • The enemy does not want us to know the Word of God and will use distractions to keep us out.
  • Healing is found in the Word of God and we must fight for our time to stay in.

Building in accountability and intentionality around our Bible study is imperative. You will find excellent teaching and Bible study content inside SOU, yes. But perhaps even more importantly, you will find community, support, and structure that helps you develop CONSISTENT Bible study habits.

Who will teach the beta team?

Me and the incredible SOU teaching team.

I write the studies, and the Step By Step team members provide leadership in the live studies and study-along sessions.

Our transformation story special guest for the advance team will be Susie Crosby, who also serves as a regular co-host of the Steady On Take It In podcast.

How much time will this take?

Approximately three to four hours per week for five weeks.

The daily Bible lesson will take about twenty to sixty minutes per section, depending on the material covered and how deeply you study. There are four sections of material in each weekly lesson.

The live events you attend or watch on replay will run for approximately one hour each and will offer additional insights as well as opportunities for questions and sharing . Angie's weekly check-ins and wrap-ups will be ten to fifteen minutes long and will encourage you to start fresh and keep going.

How much money will this cost?


When SOU launches in January, members will pay a $27/mo membership fee.

SOU Beta members will pay a discounted $17/mo fee, and the discounted rate will continue for all beta members who join SOU when it launches in January 2024.

What are the dates and timeline?

October 2 through November 6, 2023.

  • Week of October 2: Get familiar with SOU, and lesson one drops
  • Week of October 9: Lesson two drops
  • Week of October 16: Submit mid-point feedback survey, and lesson three drops
  • Week of October 23: Lesson four drops
  • Week of October 30: Submit final feedback survey, and complete lesson four

I'm in!!

If you are ready to join me on this adventure, you can begin the journey by clicking the button below.