Fun things are happening inside Grace and we'd love to have you!

You may have heard my story of how God used art to help me deal with stress and anxiety when my mom's Alzheimer's worsened and then after her death in August 2019. A little over 6 months after she passed away, Covid shut down my in person paint parties and I was seeing my friends and other moms juggling working from home and trying to teach their kids at home. They were dealing with overwhelming stress. I began showing them fun easy projects to relieve stress and provide a family friendly creative outlet. I provided paint kits and online lessons.

I eventually decided to form a more private community where I would teach my same step by step paintings like I was previously doing, as well as add in easy DIY crafts, tips & tricks, and a safe supportive space outside of all the negativity of Covid and the chaos it was causing. 2020 was hard on us all.

Grace was born out a growing need for stress relief, a need for more joy in uncertain times, and out of a need to connect with women through art but in a different way. It's all online, so it makes it risk free and easier than ever. Everyone could join in as their schedule allowed.

My vision for Grace was for it to be a fun and relaxing space for ladies to come to after a long day. For them to learn how to make time for something creative that brings them joy. And to have a place of support and encouragement which we all need a lot more of!

Everything we do in Grace is optional. Join in live or watch a replay. Paint along or do it another day at your leisure.

For only $25 monthly, Grace members enjoy the following:


Online paint party

Guest artist tutorial

DIY craft

Tips & tricks

Discounts to products I sell to the public like ceramics or wood items

Free admittance to all online public events by Art & Grace


Wednesday coffee, prayer & hangout


Fun mail goes out randomly, a friendly, supportive community of women, and an escape from daily stressors

Try it! There's no commitment, no contract, so you can cancel anytime, although I hope once inside, you love it! This would make a wonderful gift for someone who is interested in art, wants to start a hobby, or maybe is lonely and would enjoy the community aspect also.

If you would enjoy just one paint party a month, you should definitely join us and get all of the additional items I give as a bonus!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me an email or message me on Facebook.

And follow Art & Grace so you can see all upcoming events & mini tutorials I do there!



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