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A break-through in the world of health care delivery, and protected by patents in 23 countries, the Micro-needles’ arrival in the healthcare delivery market could significantly improve the delivery of life-giving drugs. As you can see, we’ve been working on this technology since 2005. Our Generation VI Micro-needle was finalized in 2018, which passed all testing with 100% reliability. Since the late spring of 2021, we entered a more exhaustive program to exceed the performance of the syringe. 

Our next step is to complete clinical trials, which shall be conducted at the University of Guelph,

Ontario, and Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket, Ontario.

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Pain caused by daily injections of life-changing medications is the daily reality for millions of people and animals worldwide

The PKA Micro-needle is the ONLY effective device that lets you inject into the skin layers where there are no nerves and therefore NO PAIN. Small and inexpensive, we aim to licence our unique,

proprietary device & replace traditional needle/ syringe delivery.

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Our Product — the PKA Micro-needle

Developed to replace the traditional syringe, the PKA Micro-needle is a small, disposable device that painlessly and safely injects pre-measured, pre-loaded medication. The device combines the applicator and drug in one easy-to-use dose, which is injected directly beneath the skin layer, rather than into the muscle or fatty tissue. Because the Micro-needle is so tiny, it only injects into the skin 1.5mm, thereby avoiding the nerves that cause pain, while delivering medication quickly and effectively.

The device is comprised of a top cap with a singular plunger, inner chamber, bottom chamber, springs, medication bubble made of special plastic film, and a needle of pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel.

Proven research shows that the Micro-needle’s shallow drug delivery process improves the body’s medication uptake in a more efficient manner and without pain. The patient never sees the needle, which has the added benefit of reducing needle phobia.

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