FixUS Civility Pledge

civility pledge.jfif

FixUS created the Civility Pledge for a simple reason: we believe the solution for what ails our country starts with how each and every one of us chooses to engage with one another. Show your support for changing the tone and tenor of our discourse by signing on below and sharing with others.

As an American voter, citizen, and member of my community, I pledge to:


  • Be respectful of others and their opinions, in-person and online.
  • Tone down rhetoric and not further exacerbate the growing partisan divisions in our communities, states, and across the country.
  • Engage in thoughtful dialogue with others, regardless of whether or not we agree.
  • Seek understanding instead of attempting to "win" arguments.
  • Encourage officials at all levels of government to engage in spirited debate while remaining steadfast in their commitment to govern on behalf of all Americans.