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Shhh…When it comes to sizeable purchases of more than $10,000 the State of California can get better pricing just by letting us know a week or more in advance of sending out the actual procurement for pricing. Yes, we want to be able to provide your state department with the best pricing possible but sometimes this takes more than a week or more to do so and we simply do not have time to get special pricing approved.


Therefore, when you let us know ahead of time, we can request special pricing and we often will get that special pricing for you. But, if the quote comes out and is due back within a week or less, the manufacturers and distributors simply will not be able to give special pricing to us by the bid due date. Our account managers are willing and ready to help you or your staff out! Give us a “heads up” on what is coming and let us use our relationships with manufacturers and distributors.

Help us help you by letting us know of large purchases that you have coming down the pipe!


Contact your Acuity account manager today at [email protected]