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Taking Back Control of Your Health:

Your Leadership, Not a Diet, Enables You to be Your Brothers' Keeper

Apples founder Steve Jobs is often quoted saying “Think DiℲℲerent” to explore better, smarter solutions.


While Jobs was very different from Henry Ford in so, so many ways, both leaders made business decisions for their customers instead of solely relying on what the current consumers were saying.

In the early 1900s, you would have expected consumers who wanted to get somewhere to say they wanted faster horses. And 70 years later, consumers couldn’t imagine the iPOD to store and play all of your songs, a very portable computer known as a tablet (iPad), or a phone that could be a camera, GPS device, your alarm clock and so much more.

You and I are in the same position about making decisions for our employees. While input from your employee, like your customers, is valuable, there are times when decisions are unpopular – particularly when you are ahead of popular thinking and have something diℲℲerent than the way employees act or think in your office.

Regardless of whether your staff is in-person or remote or working at a client’s location, here are some thoughts to keep your staff the healthiest and thereby making them the most productive and ultimately the most profitable. Might even impress your clients about your resilient forward thinking. ?

1.     If you sit down doing much of your job, then every 30 or 60 minutes, stand up for one minute. Physical Therapists Dr Kim Richards and Dr James Connelly advise, “Whether it’s standing or walking or stretching, the change is needed by many parts of your body.

a.     If you stand a lot for your work, then sit for a minute every 30 or 60 minutes.

b.     As an aside: The more time they spend at their workstation doing assigned tasks, the better, is not true. How do you measure success?

2.     Intentional breathing, not to be confused with the involuntary breathing that we do naturally was part of Turknett Leadership’s CEO Tim Huff’s post about ‘mindful leadership,’

a.     One place to start is Square Breathing.

b.     The Art of Living Center offers a free breath and medication session that goes much further. Do it. Benefited from it. Suggest it. (They have locations nationwide.)

3.     Other ways to create a company culture that supports as well as encourages healthy habits can include:

a.     Walk talks (if you’re discussing and not in presentation mode). This can work for 2 or 3 people at a time.

b.     Using the stairs when there are 1 or 2 flights to go up or up to 3 flights to go down.

c.     Taking a walk after lunch instead of extending your time sitting at the table

d.     Squeeze balls and other muscle strengthening devices that both strengthen the body as well as relax the mind.

e.     Overlooked tip: Flexibility. When you realize people are at different stages of their life and their health, the same answer doesn’t work for everyone. Some people will walk but not lift weights. Some people will try intentional breathing while others grew up believing it is ‘hooey.’   

4.     Conclusion: Be the role model. Find influencers in your company to be a role model. As my friends at Gusto! restaurant remind us, it takes “courageous patience.”

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